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Apparently writing a post increases my "level". So here my post 🙂

RenewableFuture 2 July 15

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I wish I had thought of that!


I like your post.. although it lacks substance, I think it has potential .


Okay, you’ve made your first post, now go and think of something you want to ask or say and do a proper post!


As a newbie, I want to increase my level too so we can chat back and forth about anything u like or the lack of gods helping us improve the world. They are not pulling their weight imho!

Just formulate your thoughts and put it into a post. It can either be a statement or a question. Take a look at the other posts and try not to repeat the same thing. If it is interesting you will get lots of replies.


Come on-put some effort into it-not going to get points this way trust me.

Well, yeah, posts just to get points don't get very many points. If your post encourages thought, you get a lot more responses.

That was a feeble attempt at humour on my part. I guess everyone took it seriously! Sorry about that.

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