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Dating really sucks. The last date I had been on before the ex and I got together was in 2001 when I was 20 years old. Fast forward 18 years, a horrible marriage and two kids later and what I thought was bad at 20 is a nightmare at 38. I feel like honesty is a big issue. Why lie? I don't get it. Why put 10 year old pictures of yourself in dating sites? Why tell someone you are a "day trader" when you're really the manager at DQ? If you're going to put yourself out there than you need to put your REAL self out there. Not the made up version of yourself that you think people will like better. Finding someone to love (and harder yet, to love you back) is hard enough. Don't be the garbage that people have to wade through to find their happiness. End of rant, lol. Have a glorious day!

Iam4MY 7 July 15

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You got that right.


Good thinking!


I don't get it, either. People think they're going to get somewhere by lying. But sooner or later the truth comes out, so why waste my time or theirs.


"Why lie? I don't get it." People lie because it gets them better results than telling the truth. When people start rewarding others for telling the unappealing truth, we will start hearing more of it.

@Lookin4love If a man wants to hook up with a woman the short term is all he cares about. As far as I know, the only country in the world in which it is illegal to lie to obtain sex is Israel.

Even in the long run omitting disagreeable material facts may pay off, as in this story of the marriage of Rosheen Doree to aviation industrialist Charles Marcus: []

What's an extra daughter more or less? Mr Marcus received a posthumous reward when his stepdaughter Carol had a son with actor Walter Matthau, and named him Charles Marcus Matthau.

I wish I lived in a world in which honesty was always the best policy. But we all need to pay close attention to reality.


Rant on.

I am who I am, so I don't lie on my profiles. I'm good with that.


Agree 100% . If you don't feel you're good enough , then you need to make changes in who you really are . Read some self help books , make changes , go to the gym , make forever changes , take college courses , READ ! Develop a little ambition . Become more than you are . Move out of Mom's house . Get control of your anger issues . Join AA . Get off the drugs . Get control of your financial problems . Become someone you really are proud to be ! You can't love anyone else , until you learn to love yourself .


Great ideas,


I'm with you. Dating really sucks. Especially online. Never been rejected more in my life. I'm still on a few sites out of pure addiction but I no longer expect much from it. And considering I am a shy introverted semi-hermit I don't think momma is gonna get any grand babies from this one lol


We have so much in common, except I'm still married (to a really great guy, but I'm not happy bc of different beliefs.....but that's a whole other post) going on 16 years. I would love to be able to date and do what I want and go out with who I want. I hope everything works out for you =)


Agreed. I'm still learning this dating thing. My friends that are girls have a fear that girls will use me because I'm so honest and truthful. I'm too old to be playing damn games. Tell someone who you are and what you like and have fun. They make it so complicated today. Finding a nonreligious girl here in Florida is like pulling teeth from a gator. I'm a happy person tho. Keep pushing. I've deleted all dating sites. I'm kinda tired of the games. Girls don't even know how to act when I open the damn door for them. Smh. Ok my rant is done as well. Thanks for the morning purge?

@Lookin4love woah! Dont take it too far lol. I believe you will find what you are looking for. We both have to be patient but it's tough as hell


Rant is good. Thusly I do not date. It is over for me, but you still have much time in order for things in the scene to change.


Be proactive...find the men you deserve, desire, demand, and ask them out on a date.


Well, people lie because when they say the truth,they have no chance.

@Lookin4love they don't care about that. The chance is the only thing that matters these days.


Amy it took a lot of bad dates to get me here. It took one meeting, several Nigerian scammers and several insincere men here to meet Dan who is becoming my partner in life. They say you have to break a few eggs to ......whatever.

Oh sassygirl3869. I am so happy for you. Enjoy the ride sister. See ya at the polls in November. & congrates for level 9. Sworn to secrecy on the perk? =0}

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