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Hi everyone, just joined today, got a recommendation from Walter white , and decided to check it out. Already looks and sounds better than google +

sellinger 7 July 15

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As in Heisenberg?

Me no understanding ?

@sellinger typoed the H out

@CallMeDave it's a pretty short post I made here, I have absolutely no idea what you are referrimg to haha

@sellinger pip culture reference. Sorry to confuse.

@CallMeDave OK pal. Don't know pip culture either haha


Welcome! I enjoy this site, hopefully you will too...


Welcome stranger! Pull up a chair!


Welcome. But they don't know me as Walter White here, just the wordy rascal Silverwhisper. But I have no secrets. A nice bunch of people here, but like in all large groups a few you may not see eye to eye with. For our safety, all Qur'ans and Bibles must be checked the door on entering, just in case they spill their contents and do someone damage. Have fun!

@silverwhisper Yes, I read some posts here before making my first, and liked what I saw. So here I am lol


Just noticed your post and want to add my welcome to the others. You will soon get the hang of it!


Thx for the welcome guys, appreciate it much. Very friendly people here. Still getting used to the layout here but I should be good by tomorrow ?


Welcome to our freethinker community.


We're all evil baby eaters, but we share the best recipes. WELCOME


Welcome! You'll love it here.

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