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Should we still tell children Fairy tales such as Cinderella, Three Little Pigs, Red Riding Hood etc. or stick with Peppa Pig, Postman Pat and Sesame Street?

Geoffrey51 8 July 15

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I think there is a place for them. I still have a big like of many of Aesop's fables and yes all of it was to be taken allegorically.


I think there's plenty of room for both.


Yes. we should. Most are about proper behavior. And how to respond to improper behavior.

None include invisible all powerful bullies.

JacarC Level 8 July 15, 2018

How is Sesame St a fairy tale?


My Grandma reading fairy tales to me when I was a very small child is one of my favorite memories.


Absolutely! I am totally cool with teaching fairy tales. The original fairy tales were much bloodier/scarier than what we have today. Some of what is considered children’s lit wasn’t even children’s lit until children took a liking to it (Gulliver’s Travels, Treasure Island, to name a few). I don’t necessarily have a problem with Sesame Street but I do have a major problem with censorship and the practice of dumbing down. Children do NOT need us to dumb anything down for them, that’s how we get dimwits who are proud of their ignorance. Stories are wonderful for entertainment but they also teach us things if we are open to it, just don’t let some powermad fool try to control the lesson within. Let the reader figure it out.

Snedge Level 4 July 15, 2018

That is the choice of the parents. My kids had a christian upbringing and turned out to be stalwart atheists.


Most Cultures and Mental Authorities will totally agree with the fact that these stories expand the mental capacity of ones mind and are necessary for future development.


Yeah, I don’t think these stories have ever been presented as anything but fiction. There wasn’t a day I found out that the three little pigs weren’t real.

So why would we want to stop?


As long as we don't think talking donkeys and talking snakes are real.

I built a lot of sandsculpture fairytales and there is great lesson to learn from their mediphors. Love Grimm's

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