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Did you ever think maybe god created this app as he loves everyone of us and wanted even non believers to find love?

antman 7 July 15

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Substitute "god" with magic. See how silly the question is? God=Magic. Magic makes everything possible and nothing provable. I like reality, with electrons lighting up this screen, processors determining 1's and 0's. 7 levels of the OSI model. All repeatable and demonstrable. No reason to add magic into a simple thing.


If that's the case, he failed miserably yet again.


Admin works in mysterious ways...

Admin Level 8 July 16, 2018

Never occurred to me! Not even once!




Crosses @antman off list of potential dates, ever.

Lol. Awwww.....I’m really rather nice 😟

@antman literally what they all say. I'm not dating rn anyway, just yanking your chain?

@Blindbird yank my chain anytime ?. Haha. Sorry. Couldn’t resist.


Lol, no. ?


LOL! if you think that, you're on the wrong website!


If god loves me so much, he needs to drag his ass down here & fix my fucking roof. I can find love all by myself.


You're so silly


‘Even nonbelievers’?! Lol, the imaginary man in the sky is all generous and compassionate? Look around the world and at history: there’s zero evidence of any god, much less one who cares what goes on here.
Reality can be distressing, but us humans are on our own. Just my opinion, of course.


`God did not create or administer this site , and we should thank those who did .

Thank god for that! Lol


Ahhhhh I feel like going to church and pray now.... ? naaahhhh..
Hope you are doing well! ?

vmedel Level 6 July 15, 2018
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