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Sometimes little wins are important. My township has just offered a new "oath" for election officials to choose to sign, omitting any reference to a deity.

Gulch 3 Jan 6

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I tried to do the same thing when I was a state administrative law judge, and had so "swear" in witnesses at the start of their testimony. I always used a variety of the "oath" that let them either swear or affirm, but added a note that they understood they were doing so under penalty of perjury or "false swearing". I also made sure to ask any woman who was testifying on behalf of her husband for her full name, never assuming she had taken her husband's surname.

Gulch Level 3 Jan 6, 2018

That is a good move. Does it do prayers at the opening of the meetings?

My township board doesn't, and of course we don't when we begin elections work. But the town board still opens its meeting with the pledge of allegiance with the "under god" addition. Sigh




About time! Seriously, I'm glad your township has done this. Did they do it on their own, or did they need a "push" from some group, like FFRF or American Atheists?

I think my assistant town clerk just finally got sick of me crossing out the "so help me god" at the end of every "oath" I signed. BTW, I don't object to having election officials sign something to say they'll play by the rules, just so long as it doesn't have to be a sacred/religious oath.

Good for you! & I agree, signing some type of "contract" is understandable, making it an "oath" is unConstitutional!!


Congrats! Even if you only consider this a little win, a good indication that there is a shift in thinking going on.


That's a great step forward towards a secular society! something worth celebrating!

Dav87 Level 6 Jan 6, 2018

My dear lady that is a BIG win!!




Congrats-one step at a time.


Woot!! Progress!

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