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Why do women want to erase and cut all ties to their ex-boyfriends even when they broke up mutually and on good terms? E

mcluther2112 3 July 16

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They are reminded of how often they were the one wrong and stupid and should have apologized and didn't and then they just want to live somewhere else on the planet so they aren't reminded and feel guilty some more.


JacarC Level 8 July 16, 2018

I have never had a mutual & amicable break up.


Not all women do. Generalizations can be tricky. I think it’s best to speak about your own experience. Have all of your exes ceased communication with you? Why does that bother you?


I think it's because their nature is to bring everything they got to a relationship and when it's over, their nature dictates that they have to take everything away. The next guy will get the lot. At least for a while. Because I think it is their nature, I don't doubt their sincerity.


And why do you think that's true of all women (or men) ? Because it's not.

I spend more time chatting with my Ex than I do with my kids 🙂

@Michael67 case in point !


A clean break helps in moving on. Sorry dooood. Move on.


I have no idea what other women do, but when I end a relationship, I end it completely. Finito!


to take care of themself i would imagine don't dwell to much on it

weeman Level 7 July 16, 2018

No reason to hold onto people after the relationship has run its course.


Why do men pine for women they couldn't/wouldn't keep is the other side of that question.

Qualia Level 8 July 16, 2018

Sometimes you need a clean break for the first few months to a year. Then you can go back and be friends later. Whenever I have tried to be friends right after a break up, it had never gone well. One or both of us are having lots of feelings over how things ended and those feelings need to be processed before communicating again.

Sorcha Level 7 July 16, 2018

Emotional attachments are hard to break,Women dream one day of finding the "One",later finding out it wasn't so,would be my guess.


Why do men group women together when they’ve only been exposed to a sample size too small for statistical analysis?

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