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Every time I scroll through comment sections on this site, I feel joy. I don't think I've ever been able to say that on any other platform. I really like it here.

MFAtheist 7 July 16

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It's good to be here and very awesome to meet genuine friends


Agnostic settles more so, on middle grounds.
I personally deeply like that.


Yeah, it's kind of special, isn't it.




I came, I saw, I stayed. Spend much less time on FB, except for my Candy Crush Saga addiction.

fb is where I keep up to date with family and old friends from NY and wherever else I've lived, I scoured the atheist groups for a bit, and still check in once in awhile, but man... I usually regret scrolling for too long...


Yes, so far so good. People really do seem to make an effort to express themselves and understand the other person.

It's like seeing what the world would be like if people actually understood their own arguments and had the patience to really listen to others.


I feel the same. I truly enjoy reading the well thought out responses from other freethinkers. I can't say that I agree with everything I read here, but even when I disagree I get educated debate more often than pointless personal attacks.

I agree, lol
I feel like at least opinions here are developed and not spoon fed

I have never gotten any personal attacks here. Some strong disagreements, yes and that is acceptable

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