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I watched this program about a 6 year old girl got sucked up into a tornado and was found 210 yards away from where she was at. They say she had a near death experience and during it, she claims, she saw Jesus and heaven. She really believes she was there and saw her loved ones and her family members from earlier that she's never met. She said an angel called her name and said , it's not your time yet. Just listening to her and seeing her expresions was very saddening. She was brainwashed from the moment of birth. Everything she said had been said before by other religious people, word for word. She could have been reading out of a book. I wonder if there's hope for people like her, that are so far gone?

davtim68 7 Jan 6

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I hope she is some day able to decide what she believes or not on her own


We can only hope that she will escape when she gets older.


She was probably coached by someone in her family. Anything for media attention? Sad.


I will draw my last breath believing that the religious indoctrination of children is child abuse, and should be prosecuted as such.


It is a sad state that force feeding the misleading nonsense is a fact in many homes.


One of the Christian publishers will now try to secure the rights to do a book about this, knowing that if it only does 1/20th the sales of "Heaven is for Real" they will still be making bank.

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