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What would you do????

Sheannutt 9 July 18

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I would spend it on my kids.


Pay my bills and share others


Buy a Tesla Roadster and an [] (an off-grid house) in the country.

EdEarl Level 8 July 18, 2018

Pay off debt, repair vehicles, look into mutual funds or other investments.


Pay off all debts for my Mom, sister, brother, and myself. Give each of them including myself a bit for a retirement fund. Save the rest of the money as a rainy day fund.


Open my dream business. A large lot of land with a doggie daycare and boarding, rescue kennel, animal sanctuary, child and elderly daycare, and pet store. Along with some greenhouses so I can grow food to feed my employees with.


Get out of debt.


Find a wife, she can spend it !

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