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Anyone care to Share?? Whats your worst experience in Church or with religious people?
Mine would have to be, offered a rattlesnake to hold while at a Pentecostal Church in Niota Tennessee. While wating to play gospel music after the service.

Stevil 8 Jan 7

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Do you play Gospel Music? I’d love to hear more about this side of you ......


I remember sitting in church when I was a teenager and the lyrics "we got to get out of this place, if it's the last thing we ever do" kept going through my head.


About 20 Syrian Muslims refugees in the camp attacked me in the camp 2 years ago and one of them stab me. the blood was everywhere in the room ..... the police they do nothing only protect me to get me out to the hospital ..... the dutch agnostic send me by facebook we are sorry about what happened .... COA they blame me because I talk about my beliefs .... when I return back from the hospital I didn't get a protection and they return me back to an old room where no families and next to the one who calls the Muslims to attack me. in that time I think to fuck to all people east, west, religious or agnostic.


The worst experience I had was listening to B.S constantly falling out of pastors mouths. Even as a teen I could see that they often cherry picked the bible. I remember one time preacher was trying to make the point that God has everything in the bible was perfect. He said something to the affect of you notice that the Sun gives us life and Gods Son gives us life. He was different words that I knew would not be homonyms in the original original language or more than likely in any other language.


Being told I should at least tell people I'm muslim b/c it's better than being an atheist.


I was once conned into going on a double date to a "concert" which turned-out to actually be a stealth revival. I gritted my teeth and went through the basic motions for the sake of my Christian girlfriend. But then things turned ugly! They had a call to the alter to be Saved. My girlfriend and her friends were urging me to go up, but I said no. Then they tried force me! Then a couple Ushers came over to help them force me to be Saved! Then I started hurting people! Not nice, I know, but there was a bunch of them trying and succeeding in dragging me to the alter. And it was my every intention not to go! The venue's security finally came over, but by then one Usher had a laceration on his forehead where I had grabbed the back of his head and smashed it in to the back of one of the seats and the other boyfriend was nursing his wrist because I had given it a violent twist which probably did some serious tendon / ligament damage. Security escorted me to the door (Thank God!). I told my girlfriend to ride home with her friends. The next day she called me to say we were "unequally yoked". Does that count as bad?

Stevil. I got started on a road to Christian leadership in my teens because a girl I really liked was going to summer bible camp, So I went too! I did real good to impress her but I only impressed the church elders. As I studied more, I found more and more that made no dang sense.


Honestly, I think going to Catholic school through my primary years did quite a bit of damage. Haunting.


I went with my Catholic Hispanic boyfriend to a service at a non denominational mostly black church at the invitation of a friend of mine. These people were ACTIVE!! in their worship. There was dancing, there was speaking in tongues, there was clapping, stomping, standing, and rocking! BF was freaking out! I leaned over to him and said, "Relax baby, remember we're the frozen chosen."


That sounds like fun Steve. Not wild about snakes.


I worked at Canada's largest independant bible college, and had to resign because of a long laundry list of things:

  • A janitor fucking his daughter who then squealed on him... got sent to prison for a month. Location: Breircrest Bible College, Caronport Saskatchewan, circa 1991.

  • Another janitor stealing student's leather jackets and selling them to Moose Jaw pawn shops. Location: Breircrest Bible College, Caronport Saskatchewan, circa 1991.

  • The CFO of Briercrest Bible College fucks his secretary, and leaves his wife and kids to marry her. First name Cliff; can't remember his last name. Circa 1992.

  • The husband of the secretary mentioned above fucks HIS admin assistant, and they also marry. A foursome made in heaven!

  • A computer systems admin (Ben) framed a part time helper (my ex wife) with computer fraud, which I disproved.

  • A bible college instructor (first name Peter, same time frame as above) admits to me his addiction to porn, and his sexual attraction to his young daughters.

In places other than the bible college:

  • A pastor fucking a 17 year parishioner. He had an addiction to porn, which the church board knew about, but kept to themselves. The church was called "Capital View Community Church"; they owned an office building in Bells Corners, Ottawa. Circa 1989. After the shit hit the proverbial fan, the pastor packed up and moved his family back to his home town somewhere in the states.

  • While I attended a church in Calgary, I moved in with my girlfriend (now my wife), and was asked by the music director to stop playing guitar on Sundays because I was a bad role model. We actually got married in that church, and a few weeks later, it's revealed that all this time she was having an affair behind her husband's back. This was at the Free Methodist church, circa 1995.


I can't match yours but the one that stands out in my mind is after a friend's incessant bugging me to go with him. I relented and went to "The Door." I could feel the hair standing up on the nap of my neck, it was so weird.

gearl Level 7 Jan 7, 2018

I'd actually quite enjoy that. It's not every day you get to see a rattlesnake close-up, after all - especially not where I live.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

Back when I was in a psychiatric ward (negative side effects of my medication), a Catholic nun came in, and I tried to talk to her about maybe converting to Methodism. She started ranting and raving at me about how Catholicism is the only right religion and I can't convert.

Well, that cemented my decision. Later I ended up becoming Agnostic-Atheist. But for a while, I was very happy as a Methodist.

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