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It's been one month since I smoked my last cigarette.
Cold turkey. No slips, at all.
But I still want one, all the time, every fucking day.

KKGator 9 July 18

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Thanks for all the encouragement, and suggestions.
I'm not going to relapse. I can't.
Every time I come close to buying some, I stop myself.
All I have to do is think about the very real possibility of amputations.

I'm even stopping myself in my dreams. LOL

That is hardcore determination.


I gave up a little over five years ago and, after a few accidents early on, have been cigarette-free for four. I still want one from time to time, but I no longer crave one even when around people who are smoking - keep it up, it really does start getting easier!

Jnei Level 8 July 19, 2018

I quit 41years ago after a few short lived attempts failed. Went cold turkey and never looked back. Woke up a few times cussing myself cause I dreamed I had started again, but never again was tempted. At today’s prices, you can take a mighty nice vacation on the savings after a year.

@ezwryder What does a pack of 20 cost over there now? It's anywhere between £8 and £12 here, which is $10.48 to $15.73 as the crow flies.


It's addiction. Whether it's nicotine, cocaine, chocolate, or the one that got away--it's hard. Every fucking moment. But guess what? You stayed cold turkey for 30 days. Remember that. And the longer you stay away, at some point it will get easier. So congrats! You made it this far, and no one can ever take that away from you. Remember that. And you're not alone. Remember that too. Go you. YOU. ROCK!!


I'm about 20 years out with no smoking. There are still times it sounds good.

I gave up coffee for ages because I really wanted one with coffee.

Maybe if you sort out your triggers it will help you?

You're doing great!


It took about three months for my daily cravings to subside. Hang in there. I have not smoked in 18 years. Also there were times after three months when I still wanted a cigarette. For me it was when I first woke in the morning, right after sex, and when I drank alcohol. But even those cravings went away a within 6 months.


I went cold turkey 18 years ago but I still crave one every once in awhile. Hang in there you can do it?


It takes awhile. If you manage to pull this off, you will be very happy you did.


congrats! i quit 6.5 years ago for health reasons - the easy way via hypnotherapy. never crave, actually loathe the stuff now - after having been a smoker on a mission for over 40 years!


To be clear, "No tobacco, every 'fucking day,'" means you are not smoking on the days you fuck?

If this is correct, the most reasonable path is to be fucking every day. And when required.

How is that not an instinct for every man? How can any women deny the needed assistance?

Jacar Level 8 July 19, 2018

There is no fucking in my world.
Only using the word as a noun, an adjective, and when I'm feeling really creative, an adverb.


30 Congrats to you.


You are amazing. Remember that every time you think of another cigarette!


Proud of you!! That's fantastic! ???


Congratulations! I quit cold turkey 37 years ago, and have never touched not craved one since. I did go through some serious withdrawal headaches for a few weeks. Hang in there - soon you'll be disgusted by the smell, and you'll know you've made it!


Try pumpkin seeds worked for me.

azzow2 Level 9 July 18, 2018

It's a difficult thing to do. I went the gradual method, and quit cigarettes 40 years ago; but, like you, the craving didn't go away, until a couple years passed. The way I dealt with that was recalling how, when I was smoking, my chest felt like it was always being squeezed, like a tight bearhug. I hated that feeling.

Stay strong.


Do NOT smoke one, ever again. You will end up starting over. You've made it this far, don't stop now. If you feel the urge, go for a walk or suck on a lemon drop...the craving will pass more quickly as time goes on. You WILL have moments, even years from now, when you crave it. DON'T DO IT! My mother quit at age 52 and occasionally had cravings until she died at 82. You can do it.


I stopped smoking cigars three months ago. I still crave them, but it's not going to happen.


Well done! I quit CT 14 years ago. It gets easier with time. I still like the smell of cigarette smoke but have no desire to have one.


Congratulations. You are doing great. I quit 25 years ago and to this very day when I get a whiff of one my desire kicks me in the butt. Stick with it. It’s worth it!


Proud of you! Stay strong! You rock!


Well done!It took me three rounds of chantix and a stroke to get me stopped

I found out that I have PAD. Also found out it runs in the family and has contributed to the deaths of several. Quit before the first stent was implanted. Second one is next week. Continuing to smoke makes it more likely I'd have to go through the procedure annually, and that's just fucking stupid. So, I quit.




Well done. I'm proud of you!

My chain smoking father died of cancer at age 51. Listening to dad coughing his guts out every morning convinced me NEVER to smoke.


Try not to think about it. Guess I got lucky. Quit 4 years ago and never missed.

You might try hypnosis. good luck to ya.

I'm okay, thank you.
Venting helps more than anything. I've got a handle on my urges.


Great accomplishment! I quite chewing tobacco about three years ago. I was hypnotized which may help you get past this stage.....just a idea! Keep it up!

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