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My friend tagged me on FB to participate in a 7 day challenge which entails posting the cover of your favorite book(s). It must be an ACTUAL book that you own, not a picture of a book or a library book. I'd like to see what my fellow Agnostics count as their top 7. Here is mt first:

AzVixen52 7 July 19

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Don’t judge, you asked for favorite! ?

I'm judging because it is sooo typical.

@AzVixen52 Hmmmm? Quick poll: How many others have this book, and if you do, is it your favorites? Poll is not limited to men! Who is this t typical for? ?


This is one of mine.

JimG Level 8 July 19, 2018

This isn't my first copy, just my current one.


This is the first book I actually bought, becuase I couldnt find it at the Library. Bought about 12 years ago.
I love the series for its action, characters and its diolauge on religion.
I have read every Halo book up to when Bungie sold the franchise to 343 Industries. I feel like the quality in the writing has dropped to fan-fiction levels. Instead of unique characters or plots, the current stories have to use previous character or plot threads.


Just shot this on my satin sheets just for you.

azzow2 Level 9 July 19, 2018

Like the book, the sheets? Not so much.

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