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Joe Walsh, Tea Party Conservative Calls Trump a Traitor

By sassygirl38699
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He got the first independent clause right as well.


Sorry but being a tea party supporter is the same as supporting trump

Marine Level 8 July 21, 2018

Who are you to decide that?

@LionMousePudding My opinion and I am entitled to have it.

@Marine You are indeed. To be more clear: if a person does not support Trump, how useful is it to claim he does?

@LionMousePudding I am unable to understand how someone can support someone who is doing everything he can to hurt that same person! Healthcare,social security, tariff's loosing USA jobs,tax support for the ones who need it least,increasing National debt, against womens rights, against birth control and abortion but then cancel food programs for the poor and food stamps for the 1.5 million vets and 27000 active service members,no medicade for the ill who cannot support themselves, excessive drug bills,welfare decreased for ythose who primarilly voted for him, raiding National Parks for oil industry, doing away with science grants and medical, restricting CDC wiping out EPA elimiunating job safety OSHA, eliminating medical and drug deductions on tax prep when this is the second highest used deductable but allow for yatchs and planes to be written off. Where are people's minds?


Coming from Joe Walsh....Wow this IS significant and I agree....tRump is a TRAITOR!!


I don't need Joe Walsh, to tell me that trump's a traitor, trumps a pos and Walsh still voted for him.

kenriley Level 8 July 20, 2018

@OlderMusicGeek Well hopefully they will split themselves up, just because he might say something about trump, doesn't mean at all that he changed sides, believe me Joe Walsh is not on our side. He will still vote against everything we stand for.


Hope more Republithugs break ranks and speak out.

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