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Do you give money to beggars? Someone asked me to buy them gas last night. I felt bad for not helping but I’m always dubious about these things. I had my daughter (6yrs old) with me and as the lady left she said ‘I hope she never gets stranded’. Just thought that was rude.

antman 7 July 20

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I do, but in that case I probably wouldn't have done - in my experience, beggars who try to guilt-trip you like that are fakers.

Incidentally, I give at least twice as much to beggars I believe are genuine if they're female. Life on the streets is dangerous and hard, but a hell of a lot more so if you're a woman.

Jnei Level 8 July 21, 2018

It was rude. The comment is there to help "extort" money from you.

I have given money in the past and as I was in Kenya. These days I don't do it a lot for many reasons. Just the other day a man approached me outside my work and wanted money because he had ran out of gas. I told him I had nothing to give coz I'm on social security and work this 3 hour a day job to help me get by. What I wanted to say was "dammit, can't you read a frigging gas gauge?"


And thats how you tell scammers from those truly in need scammers tend to give out abuse

Simon1 Level 7 July 21, 2018

I do. Every single time. I’d hate the fear of helping someone with bad intentions to stop me from helping the ones that are truthful in their request.

You are a wonderful, lovely human being.


Never. We have a social welfare system. Those who can't access social welfare are illegal.

@Crimson67 Maybe you're talking about the system in America and I'm talking about the one in Ireland.

Not always the case theres plemty of reasons people don't get access to the welfare system and its not down to legal issues .....i give teh same advice go to the local homeless shelter there will be a few stories that will change your kind (UK resident who has workedw ith the h9meless)


I’m a Social Worker working with the homeless. I’ve seen many panhandlers who make as much as me. I had a vet with tax free income of 4000 a month staying in shelters so he can afford drugs. Unfortunately, helping is often enabling unhealthy choices. I recommend giving directly to shelters/food pantries and other organizations and referring those in need to these places.


I give water and I give food. I never give money or buy gas (the gas thing is one of the oldest scams....if they can afford a vehicle, they can afford fuel...otherwise, sell the car and take the bus).


I don't have a strict policy, I give to some charities collecting on the street or in stores, but as to 'others' it depends on mood and/or change/money available. There are scammers but I guess it's a pity the genuine miss out.

ipdg77 Level 8 July 21, 2018

I sometimes don’t want to give to charities even more because of how much they pay their bosses and just squander away with admin stuff.

@antman Indeed, I reserve my spare pennies for a worthy, well run, non religious cause or for ones that I have an affinity for 🙂


I recently ran into the same thing. I said follow me to the gas station and gave the cashier $20 for pump 3 and left.


No one yet commented, I’ll take the first comment bonus again then ?

antman Level 7 July 21, 2018
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