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And the REAL Sin of Sodom....

Will-I-AM 5 July 21

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They were haughty and did an abomination before me. I suppose that was when the men wanted to screw god's angels.
Pride, excess, ease of living, and disregard for the poor could be the GOP and its backers today but let's not get into using the bible for predictions. You might use those 4 things as what Lot's wife looked back on and this would be why god said for them not to look back.


The prophet Ezekiel puts sins in perspective. He's thinking in terms of unfairness in society. He proclaims them as God's thoughts. That thinking continued into the New Testament and was expressed as liberation theology in our day. But let's simplify all that and just hate gays.


Sad but typical what they chose to take away from this passage. ?


So the christian god is going to take out his own people... rock on!


Yep. Use the feminine adjective to berate & condemn. "daughters, Sisters" are not things. I fear Will, you have an issue with the double X chromosome. I understand but you might work on that,


That's what you took away from this?


@memorylikeasieve Yes. Ever since the mono theists took away female goddesses, women have been delegated to the cause of the downfall of men. Look & ye shall find. Let's begin with Eve, then Lots wife looked back, then menstruation was shunned, then witches were burned, Magdalene was whore which is not true in some text, then women caused the down fall of American society by going to work, until we get to "she asked for it" and they throw acid in women's faces. There is a connection here. The poster excludes women from his group. I see a connection beyond the christian exclusion of women from revered places with a few exceptions. Naomi & Ruth being 2. There is a war on women because we are taking back our position as equals. Religion is bias to hold women in check. In the extreme you have the Abrahamic religions, Christian, Judaic, Islam. All have laws excluding & restricting our gender thru out history. The struggle continues to this day.

@Countrywoman it could be that. Or it could be that mistreatment of the poor by the rich is an abomination and the point got lost in flowery language.


Wow! If this happens today, will have reconsider my nonbelief...

Dwight Level 7 July 21, 2018

No fun allowed.

dokala Level 7 July 21, 2018

Pride, Excess. Disregard for the poor. Sounds like America today!


The wife of Lot got turned to salt because she looked behind her.

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