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Love this. 😉

onlyif 8 July 22

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That's good. The bible is filled with bullshit that people cherry pick for the things they want to push.


In that same section/book doesn't it also say you're not supposed to have sex with a menstruating women or eat pork? Not super familiar with the bibble.


The problem with running down the Christain’s even though a lot of it is true is that they are a lesser evil than the left wing idiots like a lot of those on the main forum of this website.


Bigot. That would be POTUS

@Phillydrl Trump is shaping up to be a better president than any of the Bush’s.


True, and the New Testament says drunks, adulterers etc. won't get into heaven. Even cowards won't make it. I think the psychology of Christians hating gays is much the same as the psychology of criminals in prison murdering pedophiles.

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