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What do all the different colored stars next to people who live nearby me stand for?

ashley44 7 Jan 8

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The video taped confessions begin at level 7. Level 8, they start letting you in on the real secrets.


They stand for what point level they are at. Go to points under your profile to see the different levels. Give you an idea if they are active on site.


It's 2018. African American stars, please...


Everyone has a star. Everyone has a level.


As you comment and post more, their are "levels". It's like the Catholic priest-deacon-bishop-pope hierarchy, but with way less political backstabbing 😉


Most likely it's what level they are.

hover, I can hardly walk.


It's what level they are at. Hover over the star and it will show you their level. 🙂


I can't even answer because I live in the middle of nowhere and do not have anyone near by me.

If you lived on the edge of nowhere, do you think you'd have nearby people then?

@HeyHiHullo I am 80 miles from the closest walmart or populated city.

@HeyHiHullo How can nowhere have an edge?

@Zoidburg the same way it has a middle lol

@HeyHiHullo Mind... blown. lol


I have wonder about those, too.

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