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Been binge watching My 600 lb Life and Intervention. The overwhelming feeling I get from the enablers is ...why don't you just die already. They turn on the tears like a faucet then just scream 'look at what you're doing to me'.

PhoebeCat 7 July 24

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I had to stop watching that show when I read that most of them relapse within a year of their episode in the show, & a few have died. Too sad.

Carin Level 8 July 24, 2018

Yeah, when the person becomes so large they can't get out of bed, you wonder how they manage to convince this person who supposedly loves them to keep bringing all that fried stuff. Maybe the show should require enablers to move out.

Carin Level 8 July 24, 2018

Addiction is very complicated. In these situations, you have enablers who are also co-dependent in most of the cases. Despite what the caregivers may say, they often do things to sabotage the weight loss process because if they succeed, they fear they will no longer be needed. It’s a complicated dynamic, so sad to watch out. Therapy is so important for everyone involved.

I could not agree more; the 600-pound individual surely has their problems AND the enabler is making the situation worse due to their codependency! Well said.


I have a hard time watching stuff like that. I just don't understand how you let yourself go that far. 250-300 lbs is bad, but most of these people can't even walk. They're almost completely useless.

Possibly Diabetic,High blood pressure,weakend immune system,painful joints,and frustration in not having a normal life.

I also don't understand. But that's because I don't have that addiction or personality disorder or whatever it is.
I'm sorry though, but you think they're "almost completely useless"? That's a pretty fucked up thing to say.
I think they have a problem that they're unable to control that results in them being terribly unhealthy. There are solutions for some people that have that problem, and others don't find their solution and die from it. Kind of like alcoholism or drug addiction or depression, etc.

That Stephen Hawking guy couldn't even walk either. Or that grandmother with dozens of children and grandchildren and great grand children that love her dearly even though she's immobile. Or that guy that had his legs amputated and now suffers from depression so bad that he's just about to give up.

Yeah, Pretty fucking useless...

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