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I have noticed some incredibly sloppy and prejudiced thought on this site lately. Being Atheist or skeptical does not give you liscense to be sloppy or prejudicial. If you are going to make public pronouncements of superiority at least put some thought into the arguments.

There is a difference between being an Atheist and a Lazy Non-believer.

HotAlutiiq 6 July 24

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Telling a child that he/she was born wrong and broken because of sin is abusive behaviour . High ranking members of lots of religions have been found guilty of sexual crimes against children and it is well documented. Pointing these things out is not sloppy as the research has allready been done and is generally accepted as fact . Saying athiest children are less likely to be affected by these things is just common sense . If you are offended that someone is calling out your religion then an agnostic/athiest site really isnt the place for you is it ?

Simon1 Level 7 July 25, 2018

I guess you don't have to be exceptional to not believe in something that has no basis in fact. It surprising that there aren't more of us.


Sadly some people are just idiots no matter what they believe (or not believe) When I made my departure from the Church it was in part because of the people I was tired of dealing with. I found most Christians to be not very Christian. Crappy attitudes and flimsy ideals. People I didn't want to be associated with. I next delved into the Wiccan/Pagan belief system and sadly those people were no better than the Christians I was tired of dealing with. People are people....
Now I consider myself a Solitary Spiritualist. I no longer call myself by and defined title. I like what Buddhism has to say.. I also like what Jesus had to say. (just not the rest of what man added to their silly book.) I also like Bill & Ted.. "Be excellent to each other."


This is a free, public forum - anything can , and may be said. But not always in the way you wish to hear it ...
Learn to scroll by some posts. And ... buckle up.


I've been on a bit of a roll lately calling people out rather than the usual eye roll and carry on.

I think sometimes you have to acknowledge when people say ridiculous things instead of standing by watching them get virtual pats on the head without criticism.

All for the greater good of humanity of course ?

C'est la vie!?


un-believers are no different than everyone when it comes to intelligence, education, reason, morality, and boorishness.

Add "militant" before "atheist" and maybe ya got somethin.

JacarC Level 8 July 24, 2018

So, a message like this may be interpreted in several ways, and reminds me of the teacher who scolds the entire class for the behavior of a few. In the absence of specifics, all are inclined to dismiss the admonishment, including those to whom the reproach was made. The bottom line here is this: please endeavor to practice what you preach. Sloppy is as sloppy does.

@sarahjustme I hated teachers who punished the class for the actions of a small minority, and vowed never to do it when I was a teacher (junior high) ... a career path that, alas, didn't last.


"I'm only human after all
Don't put the blame on me."

Or if we challenge the assertions, use a bit of tact.


Wow, global labeling will get you nowhere and you call others prejudicial?
Apply this yourself, " If you are going to make public pronouncements of superiority at least put some thought into the arguments.".

@HotAlutiiq Now that was lazy lol.

@HotAlutiiq So the same rules don't apply to everyone.
Isn't that a form of elitism? Wasn't that what was brought up in the original post?
Maybe the OP is just trying to get their post number up to hit that magic level 7.


"Being Atheistcor skeptical does not give you liscense to be sloppy ."

I'll do you a favour and assume you are being deliberately ironic... yes?


Making sweeping statements like these is never helpful. If you notice sloppy thinking or prejudice on this site you should put forward your arguments on a case-by-case basis.

Matias Level 8 July 24, 2018

@HotAlutiiq If some people are obviously on a wrong track, rehashing some misconception for the the umpteenth time, a little derailing can be quite useful...

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