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It seems as though conservatism has morphed into 'anti-liberalism' over the past few years. Many conservatives cannot even define 'liberal', yet they hate liberals. #AntiLiberal #Politics #HyperPartisanship

illegal_brain 4 Jan 9

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I consider myself "liberal", yet obviously the definition of what "liberal" is varies from place to place.
I am very slightly leftist and very often face opposition from some "liberals" going as far as calling me "fascist", when I state an opinion they do not agree with.
So very often my positions are being "fired" upon from both sides...

I get it. Would be really nice to re-establish a political "center" again....


Those in power promote polarisation,

as long as we fight each other we won't be fighting them.


That's right. I blame education on much of this as well.


I strongly believe this to be a result of right-wing media over the decades with it's nexus being the end of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987 under Reagan's administration. We had political pundit agitators for years. Anyone remember Wally George, or Morton Downey Jr? But it was Rush Limbaugh that became the reigning champion.


It is more rampant today, indeed. Still, where I grew up there were literally hundreds of tiny farm towns with a single church nearby. I wouldn't want to be near any, daylight or darkness, much less get in any serious conversation about anything.

Politically, they are much more powerful (and scarier!) these days but you can't deny these theists vote!


The rise in Iron Age myth in conjunction with a decline in education is frightening.


Yes, there seems to be an anti liberal surge lately. I think the hidden racism of the US is spilling out all over the place, also the divide between educated and ignorant. Scary really.


Nonsense politics-polarization of two parties.

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