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If you had to give up a sense, what would it be?

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EclecticCurls 3 July 25

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Taste because it's not needed nearly as much for survival as the others.

jorj Level 8 July 26, 2018

Sound. So I can finally get some peace and quiet.


Thinking I'd lose weight if I couldn't taste food any more. I already lost most of my sense of smell & really miss that a lot. Ears & eyes going a bit & those are annoying & actually cause life to be a little more difficult.

Carin Level 8 July 26, 2018

I'm losing my vision, so I don't get a choice.


I sometimes wish I could turn down the sound a bit. I do like quiet. However, I would not want to miss out on conversations and emergency warnings, so I'm thankful for all my senses.


Some folks already think I'm tasteless. I'll go with that.


Taste, easily. Think of the pounds I would shed almost immediately!


I'd like to give up my sense of urgency.

Hermit Level 7 July 25, 2018

Amen to that!

Oh hell yes.


Taste all day. I value the other senses far too much to let them go. Loss of taste is the only deficiency that doesn't affect external perception (other than it's close relationship to smell) and it's the easiest to cope with in the modern age.

Agreed, also I might loose weight, lol

Right, we used to need it to make sure we were not eating things that would hurt us, but our food safety systems do much of that for us.

@empirical Exactly!

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