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I'd love to know people's thoughts on New Age/Spirituality. Since this site is obviously for agnostics, I wonder why New Age/Spiritual folks would want to join.

RoadGoddess 7 July 25

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Because we are such an accepting group...

Buddha Level 8 July 25, 2018

Because they don't realize that they are embracing the same illogical thinking that religious people do. It's kind of sad that people can be so gullible.

The intellectual laziness that allows people to accept that an invisible sky daddy created humanity to stroke his ego is the same as that which allows people to accept the healing power of crystals.

JimG Level 8 July 25, 2018

Good insight! I have no experience or knowledge. Altho I did watch a clip of Seth Andrews commenting on why Oprah for President would be a bad idea

twill Level 7 July 25, 2018

To be honest (and I was actually a member of the Centers for Spiritual Living) the New Age movement is really just warmed-over Christianity. Instead of Satan, they use "Ego." God is called "Spirit." Angels are... well angels, but also "energies." Sin is "negative thinking," and they're more into the prosperity doctrine than Joel Osteen. Like Christianity, which says that you suffer because of your sins, they say, "you suffer because your negative thinking attracts those horrible things.

But in a way, because they don't have a "bible" to conform their thoughts to, they tend to be a lot more gullible, as we can see from all these fad diets, weird cleansing drinks, "healing" retreats... all of which make somebody very very rich.


There are many people who reject traditional gods but pick up some other belief to fill the perceived "hole."

I am not one of them but know many. To each their own. I am sure it helps many people deal with existential fears and the randomness of life.

It does, however, feel like the same trap as traditional religion in that you accept answers that require a leap of faith and the continue that faith even in the face of actual evidence. I assume it is where all religions begin.

As to why join this site; most like community where they feel welcome and they think of themselves as agnostic to God, if not spirituality


Do not get me started on crystal healing - just don't

What is crystal healing? Is it better than going to a doctor? Will it lower my blood pressure? Will it lower my triglycerides? Will it my hair to grow back? I've heard some wonderful stories of how it really heals! Sorry I couldn't help it. 🙂

@PickledRick {{ pelting you with pebbles }}

@pixiedust OUCH!!!!!

@PickledRick {{ hands you a healing crystal to rub on the bruises - oops, watch the sharp, pointy bits - oh, and it might hurt if you drop it on your foot }}


Because the alternative is FB?


Not sure I follow.... I do stay away from religion because I don't want to comply with any imposed rules whatsoever. How does New Age/Spiritually works?

@RoadGoddess yes, sort of. That's kind of my point. I don't understand why trade for something else when that something wasn't good to begin with? Sure enough, you should get responses since I would like to think a lot of people switch theit mind set from A to B. Thanks for your response though

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