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THE VERDICT IS IN: Straight women have less orgasms because their partners are clueless.


Redcupcoffee 7 July 25

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LOL! Who says I need a partner?


That's an oversimplification. And I'm not saying you're entirely wrong, just that we have to take some responsibility in asking for what we want. And not settling for less.

@Redcupcoffee Some men, yes. Now that I'm thinking about it, my ex would change it up every time I told him something felt good, don't change a thing. But I also believe he couldn't help it; he was sick. There was a part of him that wanted to ruin it for me. I don't think he was even aware of it. And for now, anyway, I'm not dating and I'm celibate, but when I change my mind about those things, I will accept nothing less than a communicative lover. In the meantime, I'm having all the orgasms I want, all by my straight little self.

@Redcupcoffee I sometimes watch porn and it is sad yet HILARIOUS, the same old same old crap they show.....even the bondage is boring, boring, boring for the women...the actress' faces are too funny! They all make the same sounds, too...not one Real sound, not one!


We should not paint everyone with the same brush.....


I ain't waiting for a guy to give me something I know how to give myself. If he shows up and we get to that point I have no hesitation in telling him what I need.


of course there's a standard deviation of these results... I've always been known as an out lier

Lukian Level 8 July 25, 2018

Most of the respondents are guys on this, but I have a slightly different take. It may be true that we are clueless, but it would help if our partners would give us a clue. Help me learn your body. Teach me what gets your motor going. I'm sure I'm not in the minority in that the thing that gives me the most satisfaction is knowing that I'm giving my partner the most satisfaction possible. I'd love to know, beyond any doubt, that she's fulfilled.

I know it's tempting to say that guys don't actually want to learn. But I've been around many women who flippantly say, "Yeah, if he don't work immediately, I'm out. I ain't gonna teach him how to please me." I don't know how prevalent that attitude is, but I'm guessing it's not uncommon.


For the record, oral sex is a staple for me (giving it to my partner, that is). It's my goal to please her, and my pleasure, while certainly strongly desired and enjoyed, is secondary.


Straight women have less orgasms because their men are only concerned with their own orgasm.

@Redcupcoffee Thank you, madam. 🙂


no win subject for guys to comment on lmao

It is funny though.


A clueless lover can be due to them being a bad student or their partner being a bad teacher.
Unfortunately, when it comes to sex, there is an abundance of both!

Well, in my experience I often ask and get very little feedback, if any at all. So if we are trading anecdotes, your clueless men and my silent women add up to an abundance of poor communication skills.

"it's not courteous to give a lesson in the throws of passion,"
Therein lay another problem: sacrificing communication for courtesy. After all, if a person isn't willing to teach, they can't blame their partner for being a bad student.
If you never tell your partner that you like X and they don't do X and then you go off and rain derision on them for not doing X, that's not very fair on your partner, now is it?

Communication is ALWAYS the key.
Just like it's might not seem courteous to GET clear verbal consent in the throes of passion and yet it's absolutely necessary, I'm of the opinion that GIVING clear verbal instruction during the throes may not seem courteous (at first) but it's necessary, especially if you want there to be a second and third.


Hahaa! Some straight women must be clueless if they can't figure it out themselves, yes?


thank goodness for low T


I always loved to give oral sex.

@Redcupcoffee Why so harsh? You're mad that most men are clueless, but shaming ones who aren't?

Past tense?


I eventually learned.

@Redcupcoffee I can't answer "how many disappointed women" but I know one that wasn't. And since I was only with one for 35 years, she was the one who counted.


I will say this on this subject, this is something i love to do, even if i suck at it ,id rather suck at it then have the attitude of oh... ill never do that . Its disgusting. Thats an awful Attitude. Most women love to have oral sex performed on them. Honestly i have not come across to many that don't like it, in fact most love this idea!

@Redcupcoffee if he or she sucks at it, perhaps saying how you want it or giving hints would work as well,making things a guessing game isnt the best of things


yes, because theyre SOoooooo forthcoming with the damn information. and it's not like you guys are just a wiz with the old johnson either. it's not tug o'war and that's not a doorknob.

These are some definitely true facts

In defense of women, given that I am one, part of the reason w/o en aren't as forthcoming with information is...we are taught that sex is dirty, that we shouldn't talk about it, and that we shouldn't masturbate.

Until women learn to masturbate, and learn what all their sensitive spots are, they are going to struggle having an orgasm.

She can't teach you what she doesn't know herself.

@Fornax I grew up baptist. das masturbatung ist verboten! gehe mit einem stein spielen.


Mostly true I would say.

However, sex is a team event...well for me it is a solo event but it is supposed to be a team event.
Blaming someone else is always convenient but ultimately your pleasure is up to you. After all nobody cares as much as about your feeling of fulfillment as you. I mean ideal partners should but lets be real...there aren't that many of those out there on either side for anyone. If you can't get a working strategy discussed and cleared up you probably need a new teammate. You can't dance for both partners if you don't know the steps

Partner selection is everything. I mean you can only be with someone that doesn't do it for you for so long...seems shallow but it really isn't


I cannot be judge and defendant, can I?


No problems here. I always go for oral first unless requested to do something else. I love it!


Hahaa! Some straight women must be clueless if they can't figure it out themselves, yes?



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