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Myers-Briggs Personality Type? The poll only allows 8 options, so build your type using 1 of every 2 fields. I'm curious if there are any trends here.

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mattersauce 7 July 26

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ISTP whatever that means. Thought this had a inventory or questionnaire that determined these traits.


I have taken several of these in the past, INFP comes up, but the difference between introvert and extrovert is slim. Digging deeper, sources state I should be a preacher, healer, or an artist; except for doing some art as a hobby, I have focused my late career on sales and business development. I find that really interesting, as someone strong in sales should ping as an ENTJ, almost the exact opposite. I think that for me, I have learned the skills necessary to succeed in my profession, even if those skills are counter-intuitive.


You do know that it is bullshit. They made up sitting over a kitchen table.


I'm a INFJ

seryn Level 3 Aug 3, 2018

I'm a rare INFJ


The Myers-Briggs Personality inventory is intended to be merely an indicator and is not a detailed, conclusive, or inclusive analysis of any subject's personality.

There isn't a instrument yet invented which can accomplish that. Only a full battery of evaluative instruments including interviewing can even begin to identify a person's full range of intrinsic and situational personality traits. And even then.

Unfortunately, some people either reject the clues it offers, or swear by the results as some employers have to their ultimate disappointment when their hire didn't perform as they expected.

Here's a couple of good articles which i believe accurately describe the instrument, it's purpose, it's weaknesses, and it's strengths.



I've always called this 'pigeon-holing'. It is about as valid as astrology. I've always been a square peg being pushed into a triangular hole. By the way -- my astrological sign is Ophiuchus -- the one that was dropped off the chart. So I have no definition.

@xyz123 "As valid as astrology?" An interesting pigeon-holing perspective. LLOL

@josephr It is simply assigning values to birthdays. They may be correct, they may not -- same as Myers-Briggs. It is only valid until one changes -- which everyone does.

@xyz123 I agree, that's the point. The Myers Briggs "indicators" are just that. Indicators suggesting options at one point in a person's history. They are a beginning, not an end.

@josephr I'll accept it as a beginning, but when others put one into one of these categories and try to address who you are (businesses or whomever), that's when I object. The other factor is that people change over time. So unless one takes the test over time, the value from the point that the test is taken is no longer of any value. So I question its use in any aspect.

@xyz123 I agree that people change over time so any instrument used to analyze one's behaviour may only have a finite relevance. But people do have to be careful not to label others or themselves, since labels often turn into walls and are rarely useful. But if any instrument like the Myers-Briggs leads to constructive self-reflection and growth, the effort hasn't been wasted. That's my view since i believe that no learning is ever a waste.


Of course it's not perfect but it looks like INTP is the most common here. Introvered, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving.

Here's some more on the INTP type: []

Main page: []

Other odd concepts in regards to your type: []

Some folks have said that personality testing is debunked but I don't really think it is. Online quizzing for personality testing is flawed in the testing method but I think if you are properly assessed then your personality type is strong. Astrology has no merit whereas personality testing is asking you questions to build your profile, it's not perfect but as long as you're honest it can determine many facets of your personality.


I always get the same one but relate to another as well so see myself as a mix. ISFJ/P

Qualia Level 8 July 27, 2018

The validity of the test has been debunked. I think of it as a fun exercise like reading my horoscope.


I don't understand the instructions.

Carin Level 8 July 27, 2018

Pick one of every 2.

So pick 4

@RoadGlider They aren't in pairs. So any random 4 that I think describe me?

@Carin each 2 is a pair so 1 or 2 then 3 or 4 then 5 or 6 then 7 or 8

@Carin I can be 1 or 2...actually 1 when with a partner and 2 when in a social setting. Then I'm 3 in a social setting and 4 when with a partner. 5 in a social setting and 6 with a partner. 8 is both situations for me.

@RoadGlider ISTJ maybe? I really have no idea. I feel like I'm more in the middle of each pair.





jorj Level 8 July 26, 2018

Classic ENTJ here.


I voted what I thought however, I'm not entirely sure that a poll is the best judge (grant it how accurate are online "quizes" either). Like more so on the difference between NvsS because they seem so close in my mind, I am most likely just missing something lol

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