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I have come to the conclusion dating sites suck. Its funny you see the same women ( I can't vouch for what the men are doing) on for days, weeks and months even years....I understand it, you don't like my picture. Or words. I Just find it absurd to do this for months without meeting some of these people you repeatably see day after day. How in the hell are you going to ever meet anyone if you don't step out? Im not talking about this site. Match, Zoosk its kind of creepy they keep looking at your profile. You send a message and nothing. This madness repeats itself. wtf?

cloudyedge 5 Jan 9

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I've met guys on Zoosk, Match, Our Time, and First Met over the past year. It is difficult to meet non-believers, liberals, intellectuals, and men who know what they want. Scammers galore.

I've made some good friends here and its easier to get to know someone here. Put as much as you can in your profile.Good luck.


Some of the women are porn stars. its all about money.


Sadly I have been on dating sites for too many years. I have a break for a while, either lack of interest or because I enter into a relationship. Sooner or later end up back on the sites, and yep. The same women, even 10 years later. I have met some lovely ladies, I have met some who are shockingly rude and more than anything I have met nut cases. More ignore my contacts than accept them, when a polite thanks but no thanks would be so much better.


Tbh, I have social anxiety, I am okay with light conversation, but unless I have known you for sometime I will not meet up with some random from the internet.

good call.


Alot of dating sites, use fake women to bait in the men. Surprise surprise. Also I think some women on those sites are not actually women, they are creepy men disguised as women. Maybe some women forget to delete their profile? Im not sure, I dislike most dating sites, there is nice one in New Zealand called Find Someone, and also a very creepy one called NZ dating. Plus all the American ones.

Sacha Level 7 Jan 10, 2018

I can vouch for the fact that some of the women on those sites are not women, I had a terrifying encounter once, not face to face thankfully.

This is disheartening, not to mention creepy!


Some women use the site as "confidence boosters". Which is pretty much leeching the confidence of the men who are on there seriously. This made me pretty angry the first time I heard a woman say that. You mean my advances were never going to work to begin with? And you get upset if I don't tell you you're pretty one day? Obviously I'm not generalizing all women in this but the ones that do this really get under my skin.

Amendment: guys certainly do this too. Just see it from my perspective.


Yes a lot of schells ..Latin site use same women over and over, diff Q's ..try Chinese.. European.


I paid the 11 dollars for Got scammers or just bad squirrely matches.

No charge to now.

@sassygirl3869 There is for communicating would not let me send message without payment.


I havent been on any dating site in a while but someone else just posted Match was overrun with bots


Better luck in person...
Been trying okcupid, bumble, tinder and blender too.
Too many scammers

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