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The only thing that i miss about a relationship is having someone to lay in bed with.

DavidPrivitera 3 July 27

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I miss that too. Nothing like reaching out in the night to touch someone you love and crave..


I miss having someone who can see helping me find my glasses.

Hermit Level 7 July 27, 2018

I miss the sharing of laughter, ideas, moments, and experiences.


I have a dog for that. ♥ But I do miss the human companionship a relationship offers.

Ditto! gets old coming home to an empty house


I missed it as well. Not the only thing I missed. LOL

Well that's a given lol


My ex "can't sleep if someone is touching me." I'm a cuddler but trained myself not to touch him at night and to stay on my side of the bed. I'm hoping my next partner likes to cuddle, at the very least until we fall asleep.

The only things I miss about being married is having someone else clean the dishes after I cook supper. We had the rule of whoever cooks, the other person cleans. The other thing I miss is I had bought him a meat smoker a few years ago.......chicken and ribs from the meat smoker are to die for. Actually he did most of the cooking. Homemade mac and cheese and homemade chicken noodle soup....he actually made homemade noodles. I'm drooling now.....

How could a man live under that reign of terror?

@brentan I know....I'm horrible to live with

I've had that cooking rule too, but it always turned out that whoever cooked would use every dish we started with who cooked does the dishes....and meroucously they used less dishes that way lol

@ProudMary physical touch to me is extreamly important in a conveys love


I prefer keeping my bed to myself - for sleeping anyway. It's all the out-of-bed, life things I miss more !


Yeah, I miss that sometimes.


Spooning was nice. Having the covers stolen from me was not.


I miss my 16 year old dog who slept with me everynight.

Sorry for your loss. My dog is 11 and he's in really good health but I'm dreading when he passes already. Not sure how I'll ever sleep without him.

It sucks when they go, but always have a dog, they are the best companions, ♥

@Marcie1974 yeah I love dogs but havent gotten one knowing that theyll die way before me

@DavidPrivitera I have the reverse situation. Being 58, there's a chance that my next pets could outlive me.


It is also nice to have someone refill my cofee cup in the mornings.

Also, nice if I am nto the only one who plays "door man" to the cats.

Lol! I love this.


Lol. I know what you mean.


Get a cat.


I miss couch cuddling. And having someone else excited for a season premiere. And someone to have tipsy political discussions in the garage with. Strangely, I'm a light sleeper and am all about having my bedroom to myself.

I miss the tipsy groepping lol


I don't miss that at all...sleep is not something I need a partner for

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