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Have I mentioned that without a dishwasher my family basically turns into neanderthals? Anyway we are supposed to be getting a new dishwasher monday. I say supposed to because it was originally set to be delivered last Monday but never showed up.

Any who

Today I've accomplished much so far.

I paid my bills and went grocery shopping, and then I hand washed my car.

I'm in a battle to the death with bug guts. I don't know what the bugs out here eat, but when they hit your car it's like they are permanently cemented on. I did 4 rounds of soap and scrubbing, with all the pressure my disabled arms could muster. I took TWO HOURS scrubbing my car with expensive bug be gone gel and all tools at my disposal.

Finally when I'm sure that I've won, I rinse and wax.

Only to find my car looks just as bugged up as before. Did I even get one of those little gooey fucks off!?!

I give up. I'm going to have to take it to a professional detailer one of these days and say "if you can't get it looking spotless I won't pay". That should do the trick lol. Or just sand and repaint the entire thing a color that doesn't show every speck of dirt ever.

I will never buy a black car again. They look sooooo sleek until you drive it two fucking blocks, then it'll never be clean again.

Aaaaanyway, now I have to take a nice hour and a half long break and then I'll get started on dinner.

Tonight I'm making gourmet meatloaf with scalloped potatoes and green beans, followed by a coke a cola chocolate cake

LadyAlyxandrea 8 July 27

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Sorry to ask but we need your address. If I start driving now, I should be there sometime Monday. Just looked in my wallet and I don't have gas for that long a trip. Just had another thought, it is 64 degrees here,, bet it is hotter there. Sorry again as I won't be coming guess you can relax. Does sound delicious though.


I had ordered a fridge from Costco online it took 2 months to get it, I do live out beyond the boondocks. We had at least 3 miss deliveries meaning that they contacted me said it was on the way and it never showed up.

azzow2 Level 9 July 27, 2018

You made me miss my kid!! LOL, he says "any who" too. He's in Winfield until 2020.

Supper sounds really yummy!!!

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