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When the evangelicals who are all over Trump because he was "put there by God," in their view, get down to really thinking about it, how do they reconcile the fact that this was the best their God could do? Seriously. What does Trump bring that's so compelling God said to himself, "I'll overlook EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT HIM"? Their God was willing to make that trade-off based on what? On one hand, God had no other options, or, on the other hand, God has no other standards or considerations? But then that's a flawed, dysfunctional God. Why would he set the bar so low and settle? It just works to undermine his plan. Is God that limited in his vision? I just can't get my head around the "we're okay with a completely obnoxious, ignorant, racist, misogynistic, scumbag who's never demonstrated any kind of devout faith" because he's also sold neckties and bottled water? In the end, it's about one thing: overturning Roe v. Wade. And that's a big part of the one-party rule they would love to see in place, where the only social agenda would be theirs. We have to challenge their narrative at it's base and expose evangelicals as the disingenuous political opportunists and terrorists they are. The rise of Trumpism has further exposed their lies and ugly politics. Ugly finds ugly.

Anthony1122 2 July 29

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Two words...




I guess that makes evangelicals whores. Copied from Whore: a person who sacrifices personal principles or uses someone or something in a base or unworthy manner, usually for money: Yup that pretty much nails it.


Yup, the alt-right folk don't care, as long as Trump is white and has a white supremacist agenda since studies show the main fear of white evangelicals is that the white race will no longer be dominant in the US.

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