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Why do many folks here put pictures of anything other than themselves in their profile? Is it because their true picture would put them at risk? Is the risk their true identity? What would be a reason?

ezwryder 7 July 29

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"Charter memebers of the FBI witness protection program"?


What matters more than anything when it comes to your online dating profile? One word: Photos. Photos can drastically increase your chances of getting more communication and dates. Or not.

With no pictures, I assume the person is hiding something, likely married.

Dog pictures: I'm not looking to date a man's dog. Rolls eyes

Group photos: "Who is the hot guy standing next to him?"


Feeling a bit paranoid, are ya? I think people put what pleases


Why did you do it? Your photo should just be of your face..not a big crowd of people so nobody knows which person is you.

This is a dating website and since men usually choose women by their photos, it seems counter productive to hide your looks. Women also want to see who they are talking to. Most don't want to waste time on some 300 lb unemployed loser who lives with his mother.


I enjoy all the different ways in which people portray themselves and their interests. A gallery of mugshots would be soooo boring.


Perhaps they just want to share some photos of things they like, and have people get to know them by their comments and posts first, and keep a low profile before putting their actual image out there. Not everyone has decent photos of themselves or maybe just don't feel photogenic.


I hate pictures of myself, & anyway I don't think looks are the first thing to consider when looking for a partner. The guys who asked to meet me didn't either I guess. I ended up insisting on sending one to the guy I'm seeing now, before we both drove 2 hours to meet for the first time.

Carin Level 8 July 30, 2018

Makes sense.... easier to find each other at the restaurant (or wherever) if you have a picture

@Paul4747 True--but mainly I just prefer online rejection over in person rejection!

@Carin Awwww. I'm sorry.


Shyness? Privacy? On the run from Mafia killers? Actually are Mafia killers, but still looking for dates? Want to be judged on personality first? Crime fighter secret identity?

I can do this all night, but I need to get some sleep...

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