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This is the reverse image of @Crimson67 's post.

When dating, what was the most shallow reason someone gave to stop dating you?

Be honest
We'll laugh with you, not at you and we'll call him/her/it appropriate names.

pixiedust 8 July 31

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I was too intelligent. Too comfortable on my own, have a jekyll and hide personality, she was too afraid of losing me etc etc

Basically she made every excuse in the book not to be together despite being her "soul mate" as she said. Was friends for awhile afterwards because i struggled to sneak away without upsetting her, I was too soft. What a weirdo, right? she didn't know what she wanted.

She was definitely a delusional, dimwitted dunderhead. Only such a fool would reject a dinn of the highest order.


She couldn't understand how my ex and i, who have young children together, could actually be friends. She said it "wasn't normal" (she and her ex weren't able to be in the same room together)

Dew25 Level 7 Aug 1, 2018

The insult names on this post! ???

Remi Level 7 Aug 1, 2018

Thank you. I just added one for your original comment.


He needed someone who believed in god...

Remi Level 7 Aug 1, 2018

You didn't need that rutabaga-headed religitard anyhow.


One relationship ended on the first date when he found out that I don't have pierced ears. Another ended after the guy asked me to put something in my purse and I pointed out that I wasn't carrying a purse. Both guys gave me the "What kind of woman are you??!!" farewell speech.

Decades later, not much has changed. My daughter's grandfather (by marriage) thinks we're not proper women because we don't have pierced ears and never carry Queen E. style purses. Our hearts are not broken.

@McVinegar Absolutely! Sort of a June Cleaver vision, I think.


I met her on a dating site and after 2 dates she told me I was too smart for her. She's still on the dating site almost a year now.

Looks good on her - nothing like aiming for mediocrity.


I got turned down once by a (white) guy I worked with because I wasn’t Japanese. He eventually moved to Japan, and I heard went through women like water.

PenLOP Level 7 July 31, 2018

I hope you said, "Domo arigato, Mr. Blotto" as you flipped him the bird and walked away.


In my youth, I was "quick" . I had to learn to slow down plus I learned that I had other skills

Given your marital and parental status, you seem to have learned well.


I want a God fearing man.

Has to be the biggest turn off yet, especially when I am fearless.

Silly, silly, pathetic woman. I'm glad you forged forward fearlessly without her or her imaginary skydaddy.


I was told once, in my youth, I was way too intelligent and good looking by a brief liaison. Could never figure that one out, I think she was blind to be honest. She turned out to be a swamp trollop in any case and made it out as the town bike lol.

What is a town bike? A rental?

@BlueWave everyone gets a ride 😉

Her loss, your gain.


It's never happened to me. All of my relationships that ended were because one of us moved out of state, or we just agreed that we were better as friends that in a romantic relationship. I am still friends with every one I've had a relationship with.

You are one lucky dude and they are lucky dudettes!


I lost at least 6 boyfriends over the fact that I didn't want kids.
I'm more than just a baby factory.
I hope they all ended up with awful kids, frigid wives, and lost it all in their divorces.

Jerks indeed. I can think of more colourful names. And they probably did end up with horrible kids given what their fathers were like.


After four dates with a French woman. I wanted to get more physically closer to my date, as she was not responding to any of my respectful moves.

I asked her, is there anything about me that is a deal breaker. She said yes, on your online profile, it said you like to hug and kiss.

That was enough of a deal breaker for me.


Good thing you didn't have kids with that! smh
Poor thing must have been left in the crib to herself too often.

That is truly bizarre. What a nutcake! You're well rid of her, my friend.


I was told I was "too dominant" by a boyfriend in the days I was in the fetish scene. LOL
/i don't think that was it tho...
But he did me a favor. I met my husband 3 months later.

Qualia Level 8 July 31, 2018

Sounds like a right prat to me. Good for you - finding a better person.

@pixiedust He was a good looking doofus who could cook.
That was the advent of the internet explosion...I remember laughing as he set up a personal bio on AOL. No one would do that nowadays LOL!
He's somebody else's goof now. Not my problem. (and I thought I was being soooo practical being with someone older) ha


I once was with somebody for several years who I was madly in love with. Then we broke up and were apart for five years (during which time we were both in other relationships).

He subsequently went to work as a contractor in the middle east.

When he returned for a visit, we were both single and met up to catch up. Our easy connection was as strong as ever. We ended up having sex again.

Several days later he called to say he couldn't see me anymore because it just wouldn't work with his being in the middle east. I was confused and hurt. Something told me there was more to it -- as in another relationship or something that he hadn't disclosed. But, I didn't grovel. Time goes on. About five years of time.

One night, I tipsy contacted him. Not drunk, just tipsy enough to wonder what he was up to. So, we talked -- caught up on everything, and then I bravely asked him "What was the real reason you abruptly said we couldn't see each other anymore?" I'll never forget this response, which is paraphrased to the best of my recollection here. "When we had just wasn't the same....when we were together years ago, you were so fit and muscular...and when we saw each other were soft....your body was soft and it just wasn't the same."

Call me baffled, befuddled and bewildered. To myself I thought "Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?! I'm not 28 anymore!!!" (I was thin and 41 when we last saw each other.) But, I didn't say anything that I was really thinking. I was too stunned to do so. I used to really admire and respect him. His stock plummeted that day. Add to it that I didn't believe him again. I think there was somebody else, but that he didn't want to fess up to lying about his status so made up an asinine story about my body instead. I'll never know and I don't care.

We talked by text only a couple times after that. His number was deleted long ago.

Pretty shallow I think.

We're supposed to be ripped forever didn't you know?!!!! SMFH

WTFWTFWTFWTFWTF insert angry scream emoticon here

Well, you clearly missed a bullet either way! FTS!!!

What an horrific thing to say to you! Well, we know which part of the donkey he is and a sulfurously smelly one, too!

@AmelieMatisse lolololol!!!!


A Tuesday (I use that day randomly because I don't remember) she swore her endless love for me. The next evening, 'I fell out of love with you.' There is also the one that travelled 8 hours each way to be with me twice. I travelled 8 hours once to be with her, wrecked my car and was stranded in a city I didn't know, to be with her, and she decided I was a too quick rebound after a bad relationship.

Well, they were a couple of quick turnaround turds, weren't they?

What a nightmare! I hope you weren't hurt in the car wreck.

Thank you. Everyone was ok. My relationships have left me more damaged. 😛


I was told that I was too old to have kids and we wouldn't be able to start a family. I didn't even want kids, especially since my kids are grown and I'm a grandmother. This occurred after he played the "avoidance game." I think I'm a good person, and I think he couldn't think of anything else.

He's an idiot.

@Anonbene Thanks!

Well, he's a pea-brained pockmark on the planet, isn't he? If he's still breathing, that's proof that you're not just a good person, you're a great person.

@pixiedust Thanks. I'm sincerely flattered.


When I was a teenager: "I hate your coat." To be fair, that probably did us both a favour - there would be obvious compatibility issues with anyone who doesn't share my exquisitely good taste 😀

Jnei Level 8 July 31, 2018

LMAO!!!! Hates your coat???
Definitely TOO STUPID to be with you! omfg

@Qualia Exactly - it was a very nice coat too, as all my coats are because I'm obsessed with nice coats.

@Jnei would love to see pics of them!

@Qualia Down to one or two now after having to abandon so many things when my marriage broke down - including my precious Brooks Bros. grey lambswool coat!!!

@Jnei Nooooooooo !!!!! ????

@Qualia Ultimately, though, all just things. Albeit very nice things, in case of things such as that coat.

@Jnei true...
/way too tied to 'things' [too] sentimental for my own good [work] in progress

I think he was just jealous that you looked like a superstar and he looked like something an asteroid had hit.

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