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My mind keeps churning tonight ... I found out this morning that a former neighbor, good acquaintance, and mother of my daughter Julia's friend died about two months ago after a long fight with cancer. She was only 51.
We had lost touch over the years, though we always said, let's get together for coffee when we ran into each other ... now ... it's too late ...
Hold your friends near and dear. Call, text, visit them. Be the one to initiate contact every so often, even if they don't usually initiate contact.
And also important ~~ keep up with your cancer screenings, annual physicals, whatever. I know there are cases where things don't get caught, or are caught too late. I know it's not a fail proof. But do what you can ...

germangirl90439 8 July 31

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I'm having dinner tonight with a friend from my last job. We make an effort to get together every couple of months. I am so sorry for your loss. We're all so busy it is hard to carve out time. Thanks for the affirmation that it IS the right thing to do.


Connie...I hope you begin to feel better today and that your dog gets better


Very sorry to hear that. Regrets like that are rough.

Carin Level 8 Aug 1, 2018
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