5 4

Wooo hooo!
I made it to LEVEL 5!
Party at my house....

David3001 5 Aug 1

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Have you noticed women are smiling at you in the grocery store more often now that you are level 5? At first I wondered why I seemed more popular or something but then I realized that hitting level 5 is like winning the lottery. You get more attention. So hold your head high and act nonchalant which in turn will drive the women crazy for your attention. I have been told that when you get to level 6, the women start inviting you to dinner AND pay for the meals. Is this great, or what?


Cool--are you aiming for level 8 to get the T shirt? I am!

Carin Level 8 Aug 1, 2018

If I get there, then I get there lol.
I'd much rather meet the love of my life and get out of the chat rooms lol

@David3001 I hope you do!




Woo hoooooo, time to trash David’s pad!!!


Wait until you get to level eight, you get offered a free t shirt.

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