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This is potentially a hot button issue, and I'm cringing as I type and anticipate the possible heated responses. Please understand - I do not intend to ruffle feathers.

I'd like to first clarify that I am in no way endorsing, agreeing with, or condoning the current American president. I am also not playing devils advocate. I am merely wondering...if he had not ended up in office, would the current feminist/equality movements be occurring? They are obviously (and unfortunately) necessary and long overdue. But would it have happened with someone else as POTUS?

NicThePoet 7 Jan 11

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Probably not. His misogynist atttitude has enraged Feminists. Don't think Hillary would have done that.


Maybe taken a little longer to get the traction it has now but it still all looks like business as usual. Except... The world used to hate us because we're fat, lazy, spoiled, inconsiderate nationalists but now the president has joined the ranks of the nonsensical masses.


You know... some things cause other things to happen. Good question. If she would of won. He would of knocked her down to get his way.


I believe our profoundly stupid president helped give the #MeToo movement a good push.

I also think Trump and the far right GOP senators and congresspersons actions will help drive more people out to vote to get these people out of office too.


This one of those things where we'll look back and go " A caused B, which led to C and so on."

Historians are going to have lots of material.

But, yes. I expect/hope for a Democratic tidal wave. The Republican brand is very badly damaged. Woman are flocking to run for office. My hope is the blue tide will will sweep a lot of issues that shouldn't even be a "thing" anymore. Racism, abortion, separation of church and state, climate change, health care, education, etc.

And it wouldn't have happened if last November we hadn't found out just how backward and racist we really are.


We can only speculate on these past events.

No way to know how things would have played out "if"


Prospective are he was incharge of literally thousands of people before he he took office all races women men religions. As an employer he had to be fair or he would have had many lawsuits. So if you look at how he treats his family with great respect never see him talk down to them. Kind to makes me think he is a differ person behind closed doors and his public image is more offensive in respects to getting people excited with issues. His wife is as any woman in a relationship is most likely a huge influence on his thinking. Just thinking of Thomas Jefferson how that guy ever got in office back then as we know he was very intelligent. From what I have studied he had the same thing going on people hated him however we look at him today as being one of the smartest forefathers.


It's possible that he could be the catalyst for a lot of positive changes. He has shown us what we are at our worst and that could inspire us to be our best in the future. Here's hoping we see the start of that with the midterm elections.


Ohh, c'mon. Give your president a little credit. At least he can understand that he's not welcome in the UK.


It has been my experience that movements build over time and the catalyst for this was not Trump at all it has a higher probability of having its roots in the Bill Crosby court case and the outcome of it.

I think before Cosby, there were other sex-related crimes that were in the media: Rolf Harris, for example. And before him Jimmy Saville.

With R Harris being Australian (albeit living in the UK) and J Saville being British, this "movement" could have been a natural global occurrence - i.e. not a random occurrence but a movement that has progressed naturally from other events in different places that have occurred in a short amount of time.


I saw a similar process in reverse after the demise of Joh Bjelke-Petersen (state Premier of Qld, corrupt scumbag). The vociferous civil rights movement that grew in the last years of his rein dwindled after he was ousted. The movements you mention would still be occurring but they would not have the same energy or urgency.


I really don't know but trump obviously has no respect for woman at all.


Perhaps too hit a button for me? Currently it certainly appears to be the leadership direction to blame others for anything they don’t like. Whether these accusations have emboldened the legitimate complaints of victims of power and control thriough abusivine tactics, I am uncertain. Sort of best of times worst of....blame all others, deny all directed at self. One can only hope the leadership will find a solid direction to take us. ????


I doubt it.
Takes a good jolt to be aroused from the trance of apathy.


Feminist or what you called equality movement I presume was conceived long before the time than when his parents had actually planned of conceiving him.


I believe his presidency may strengthen the atheist movement. In order to ensure freedom of and from religion the movement will have to be louder, and more focused and use better strategies than if we had a liberal president that was not concerned with pleasing evangelical voters.

We're just going to have to grab him by his c......I can't believe I went there.


I think 45 brought many issues to light, quickly. The outrage of men in power getting away with such things, things he's guilty of and still getting away with, caused the movement to reach fever-pitch sooner. It would have happened regardless, but would have been more of a slow leak than the giant boom it has been.

It is my hope that men who find themselves in similar situations will also benefit in receiving justice. And that those they accuse will also be booted out, lose their jobs, family, friends, livelihoods, and freedom in the same fashion of justice that's being dispensed now.


I think It's possible. Maybe not with as much fervor?

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