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Excerpt by David Whyte: "Unrequited love is the love human beings experience most of the time. The very need to be fully requited may be to turn from the possibilities of love itself.Men and women have always had difficulty with the way a love returned hardly ever resembles a love given, but unrequited love may be the form that love mostly takes; for what affection is ever returned over time in the same measure or quality with which it is given? ... And whom could we know so well and so intimately through all the twists and turns of a given life that we could show them exactly, the continuous and appropriate form of affection they need?"

RoadGoddess 7 Aug 1

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We all express love in a variety of ways (Five Love Languages), so could it not be that some love is requited in the same measure in the eyes of the other and receiving that love we may not see it as we wish it to be?


It's difficult.

twill Level 7 Aug 1, 2018

No one can. Does 'love' keep score?



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