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This is one of the reasons I became an atheist. Yesterday, a young boy who survived the massacre at the church near San Antonio, TX, went home from the hospital. One neighbor called him a "fighter" and that god has plans for him.
So, everyone who died either doesn't know how to fight or does not fit into god's plan.
Seems a little unfair to me.

phil21 7 Jan 12

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just the usual hypocrisy. ... & a typical response from someone incapable of empathy, spouting drool instead.


Why did god let the gunman use a gun in the first place wouldn't a bolt of lighting been more effective?


well god got the shooter to do that anyway


They simply lack awareness of their insensitivity. But I also think it's telling how much they celebrate survivors given the indoctrination that heaven is a place of great joy, no pain/suffering, and they get to hang out with Jesus.

Yep. On some signigicant level, they don't buy what they're selling, I think.


My question to the indoctrinated is: If you came down with appendicitis, would you want a doctor to pray for you or a doctor to operate on you? You only have one choice GO


"He" does work in mysterious ways. So mysterious that you might think he's not even there. [My main interest in making a comment on this thread, is to ask a question. Does anyone know the "believers'" explanation for why HE stopped coming down (over, through?) and speaking to us directly? If we could just go "old testament", we could just ask him. "Hey God, why did you... (etc.)". I have probably seen the explanation, but it was probably so convoluted, that my tiny mind couldn't keep it.]


This type of thinking is my biggest pet peeve. Really, come on how is that a justification of belief in God? AARRGGG


So why did god reject him? Why did he want to meet the others before him?

Perhaps he didn't believe enough to go to heaven and the benevolent great creator was giving him a second chance to touch his forelock and worship him properly?

.....or perhaps god doesn't exist and he just got lucky.


I saw that too, and thought much the same.


Sick thinking. Surviving to serve god. Dying not in god's plan-you lose.

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