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I'm wondering if Dark Matter is nothing more than the expanding stupidity in the universe.

hankster 9 Jan 12

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I am beyond skeptical re dark matter and dark energy, kind of like an omnipotent being you can't see, but is everywhere.


no its like light matter but much much darker


Thinking of protons nutrons and electrons in an atom would have to thin the same in space matter antimatter dark matter.

can't edit thin# think

Atm if I notice before someone has responded I just copy, delete the original, reopen the box, paste and edit to correct. As just happened with this post when I found a ? not an ! at the end. By which time I've thought of something else pertinent to say! 🙂


I'm a physicist so I'm honestly interested in the physics question of dark matter and don't care about
any rhetorical issues about ignorance.

That said - we have real evidence for at least some of dark matter. We have "seen" it indirectly from the gravitational effects in galactic clusters. I'll see if I can dig up a reference for this for you.

I mean maybe something is wrong with GR but if so, that still wouldn't explain some of the more specific evidence that we have of DM.

stupidity is really dense and seemingly accelerates as it expands....

@hankster Carlo Cipolla would probably not agree with you.



Oh no, it's not Make the Universe Great Again is it?

jeffy Level 7 Jan 12, 2018

i hope not. the big dang.

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