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So why does God/ Yahweh...(and whoever else) use books & writings ( including the rock) to send messages ? Why not align the planets and stars as letters and spell it out for us in some glorious, all powerful Very Impressive manner?

You know Sky Write it! Ought to be no problem, and I can guarantee ya, I'd be a for sure convert!

Seems like a show of power like that, a simple trick, would work wonders to get the human race where he wants it.

IDK....just sayin'.

twill 7 Aug 4

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One good clue was when god had to use incest to get us all here in the "beginning" and this idea was his "perfect plan." Move on now to Adam and Eve and ideas of the chicken or the egg. (Which came first?)This is wrong thinking within itself. Imagine a disease germ for a minute. can you imagine a disease that started with a single germ or just two germs? Not too likely in my opinion. These germs probably came about in some way simultaneously. So did primate life and ultimately humans as we know them. We do not know the exact conditions but the biblical Genesis is not needed. It also could never be looked at as true, and if it was not true then there is no Yahweh god or Jehovah god who created everything. What is simply is, and the god who has always existed could likely be the never ending universe itself.

I've kicked this around a while and it is my take on things. Is there evidence and does it tell us anything? Not really, but there will always be many things that we do not know.


what I always wondered is why just once and why THERE? I mean, if you want to make sure everyone believes in you, wouldn't you show up on a regular basis?

Yes you'd think so. I guess that shows the value of a few "witnesses"?


Ain't none !


Funny--I just had this thought! If god really, REALLY wanted to communicate with us...why did he quit? Why not get a Facebook page? Why not use SKYPE?

Glad to hear! Thoughts / questions like this just pop into my head every once in a while. I guess having an open mind allows this? LOL

@twill I atheists, we're not likely to just SWALLOW MYTHS. Especially when these myths are totally ridiculous!

@JustKip me too he's a great guy. Knows the answer to everything, cool beard, deals with trolls well ?

@Salo Really? And does he follow the stock market? Would he cure my arthritis? Just asking...


Because God usually chooses to send the messages trought the usual ways and people to believe . He don't want to shock because if you're not willing to believe a simple thing you'll not be willing to believe either a complicated thing..

Don't you think the Sky Writing would be the less complicated way to go?


I’ve wondered about that... also that almighty god had to resort to seven rather funky plagues to get his people out of Egypt, that just seems odd, there must have been a more efficient way.


Because from our point of view, it would read 'god is great and all powerful', but to the Ceti Alphans, it would translate to 'your mother sleeps with herrings and your bathroom decor is poorly co-ordinated'

We'll have YOU create the first dictionary!


The writers just didn't have enough imagination for that.


Gawd is too busy being imaginary to do anything as intensive as that.


You mean astrology?

No. I mean lining up, creating all of the stars in the shape of letters.

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