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Fill in the blank.
If someone would invent__they would get all my money.

Crimson67 8 Aug 5

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A trump eradicator.


A food replicator like they have on Star Trek. Or even the food pods they had in The Fifth Element (Cheeken...goooood)

A "transporter" like they have on Star Trek would be awesome too!

@Alvingo1 agreed. I could travel the world in the blink of an eye. It would be incredible!

@Leeshi Imagine how much time that would save in terms of people's daily commute to and from work too.

@Alvingo1 nope. I prefer to imagine solely traveling to fun destinations ?

@FrankD that’s why you make sure that many other people have gone first haha

@Knight75 provided you’re not in it when it goes ahead and makes the bed. I wouldn’t want to be in it when the thing malfunctions


I'm keeping my money. I am content with what I have.


How to resucitate my daughter.

Oh sweetie. Please message me anytime. My empathy has no boundaries.

@Cbabcoco Thank You My Friend.




Life extension pills...


A sure fire way to find the woman of your dreams who actually loved you back!


Anti-aging treatments — live forever and look 30 forever! Perfect health and no loss of mental facilities either!


3" max. yard grass.


Rebuild old, worn out joints with real human tissue.


Coffee that didn't give me the shits for the rest of the day.

... hot...

TMI !!!!!!!!

Hey, OP asked what I wanted....


The end of bigotry and a really really really good cheeseburger.


Human cloning. I would love to have a double so we could take shifts.

I'm sorry, but your handle makes me take that comment in a decidedly saucy way.

@maturin1919 That could definitely count as part of a "shift".


A cure for cancer


Something that eliminates the need for money (without eliminating us).


An invisibility cloak.


A money magnet

Well played.


A life-like male robot...........................?


Time Travel


A pipe that always was packed when I want to smoke. And not not tobacco as the packing.

jorj Level 8 Aug 6, 2018

A mechanical foot massager that feels like the real thing.


a cornucopia machine


A woman that liked penises.

Is that even possible?

I use to be married to one but she died. No the two are not related.

It is impossible for a women to like a penises.... They only LOVE penises... they play with them, they caresse them, they kiss them, they suck on them... No woman would do all this wonderful things to a penis, if she just liked it....they have to love it to do all these lovely things.... You just need to find one that loves your penis... wishing you all the best in finding one! AS I am looking for one too...LOL


An android with a real AI that you could change the genders and appearance with. That way you could snuggle with the your gal or hang out with a guy.
Problem solved.


sound proof walls in apartments ☺

Those already exist , IF one has lots of money to install them !

@evergreen they don't have them in this old apartment.?

@Sheannutt I used to know people who bought a condo, which they later discovered had that problem. They hung up thick rugs on the offending walls. Helped. Some ...

@evergreen it's mostly the people upstairs they have two twin girls that are 4 years old sounds like a jungle gym.

@Sheannutt The first property I ever owned was a coop - with someone upstairs. Same kind of thing - I swore there were elephants and rhinos up there ! I even wrote them, what I thought, was a humorous poem , to try to bring gentle attention to the issue. They had no sense of humor, and were generally uncooperative the whole time. I was happy to finally move out to a house ... My sincere sympathies !

@evergreen I have never lived in an apartment before with kids above my head. I will never do this again?

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