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I cannot delete alerts that I have already OCD is having a real issue with this!

slydr68 8 Aug 5

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They should turn grey after/If you read them, but the little x in the upper right of each should disappear them instantly. Also, try the tiny print where you can make older ones go AWAY en masse...maybe your inbox is too full?

@slydr68 no offense, but do you have big fingers? I use a 10" tablet, and have my grandpa's farmer hands, and get weirdness on a lot of sites all the time, sigh.


Clear the cache you will have to look it up on how to do it on the internet.


Try restarting your phone


I'm having similar results on my phone and PC though I use a browser and not the app.

I click on notifications and the page moves to the post but the notification sometimes still remains as "unread". And it's not all of them. Pretty random and inconsistent. Lol


You don't have little "x" in the corner of the alert? Are you using the app?

This using the app.

@slydr68 I had a problem once and chatted directly with Site Support in the messenger. You might try that if it's still acting up.

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