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Some food for thought about Science.

TristanNuvo 8 Aug 5

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I am curious how often he speaks to the Black community? This community is even more rooted in religion than others in this country and Black atheists tend to get more push back from their own tribe for their disbelief.


He has a great mind. I wish I knew more like him as he is an inspiration


This is exactly why I dislike people saying evolution is fact, it is not. It is scientific theory which may change if/ when new evidence comes to light. Scientific theory may change, fact will not.
What this meme says is scientist will consider all evidence and keep an open mind.......unlike theist's who just regurgitate doctrine and ignore evidence.
By stating "evolution is fact" you are closing your mind as the matter is settled (fact) so you stop looking and testing, pushing those boundaries. Not good for science, if it wants to advance. A good scientist should question everything they assume is known when conducting research.


Neil Degrasse Tyson is leading the charge to stop the cult of ignorance in the US. I adore this man.


My last boyfriend is a neurobiologist who worked in a lab at a university where a guy was trying to get a position. He was a scientist who did not believe in evolution. My ex studied evolutionary biology extensively for his masters and had a quote about evolution outside his lab and this guy thought Michael had put it there to "upset him." Yeah, NO. Luckily the university didn't hire this guy. There is no room for mythology in the lab.


Yes totally agree.




That comes across very arrogant.

Really? Makes perfect sense to me.

@LucyLoohoo I agree.

@LimitedLight I don't know how far up your own backside you need to be to come with such a comment as 'I don't need you in the lab'.

@irascible See above, irascible.

@LimitedLight Or conversely, the unbelievers might look into a certain issue and enjoy the idea that everything boils down to the interaction of chemicals and end up only seeing the trees instead of the forest. A believing scientist might be a great help in readjusting their focus.

@brentan I want scientists to be critical thinks and analytical. I don't see a believer being a critical thinker.To be a believer of things you don't see and cannot prove tells me you have WILLINGLY turned off the critical thinking skills. Well, if I can't figure it out with science I will say god did it and no one can ever disprove it and I can keep my job. This is the not scientist I want working for me.

Truth does that.

@HippieChick58 I would hate to have everybody working with me all thinking the same way. And it is very common for aspiring scientists to absolutely have to hold the accepted views of mainstrean science to get and keep their jobs.
About critical thinking: I do see believers as analytical. They put forward a belief system which is a theory about the big questions. This belief system has been refined and redefined over centuries as great minds grappled with difficult questions. I would not dismiss them so hastily because I think if we do, when the times comes to see the overall picture of our existence, we will only have people who understand physics.

@irascible I probably think science should be practiced in a more holistic way. Your idea of searching for knowledge is very limited in my opinion.

@irascible i think you're talking more about ignorant religious people than Christian scientists.

@irascible You're right. I missed the main point about 'no longer looking'. I apologise.


Excellent comment.


God is dead.

Never lived, actually.

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