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Last night during a conversation while hanging on the bar in our local tavern, somebody said that the biggest genocide in human history would have been the slaughtering of the natives in America. I kinda waited a second then commented that he was ignoring the genocide of his God on the world, the flood, killing everybody but Noah and the animals according to his holy book. Then I asked if he really believed that 2 penguins would walk from Antarctica to the Middle East to get on board of a boat of a 500 year old man. I think that my comment was not appreciated and he didn't even offer to buy me a beer!?! He also did not comment and pretty much shook his head and walked off. People are strange...

Raymond1972 4 Aug 5

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Besides cosmological arguments (no need for a god creator, science can explain universe out of nothing, quantum cosmology models), evolution, and there is a moral argument for not believing in God. God rather than giver of morality has no morals, as numerous examples abound in the bible, and the commandments don't mention pedophilia, genocide, rape as crimes, it all about not worshiping other gods. Even if God existed we should resist him as we should resist any authoritarian megalomaniac (as the one currently residing in White house), so hail Satan since he is the first rebel.


GOD has probably engineered the greatest human genocide, that of childbirth. The death of mothers, newborns and the unborns.

twill Level 7 Aug 5, 2018

Yeah except that the genocide of Noah's flood didn't actually happen. It is just a story in the Hebrew Book of Fairy Tales. 😉


We all know penguins could never show up coming that far, and kangaroos would never have made it from Ararat back to Australia. Strange that none were found dead along the way back later too. One of the strangest things to me is the Ark itself looking like a great big boat. Why a boat? Where was it going to sail to? It's measurements would make it seem like a great big box and it's one window would have guaranteed that everyone inside would die of methane poisoning. There's also not enough people on the Ark to feed and take care of the animals let alone throw their crap out that one big window.


The biblical god is a murderous mafk that's for certain.

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