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I won't be seeing the stolen money again until after the 14th, but I'm getting my spending money tomorrow which is good because I am desperate for meat. ya know real meat. lots of meat lol

I'm really anemic lately, but it'll go away soon.

gonna eat lots of meat and maybe something huge and chocolate tooo~~~

LadyAlyxandrea 8 Aug 5

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I would bring you meat and chocolate but I am afraid you will punch me. Know you are practicing. I could not help with the dishes so now I have to pay the price. I hear there are lots of cows in Kansas, I do not think there are chocolate bushes there though. Can't do much about that, perhaps I can send seeds. I will look.


I got lots of meat, very high in protein !


I've felt this way about steak sometimes. Lol

I want someone who looks at me like I look at steak

@LadyAlyxandrea careful. Anything is possible with A1 steak sauce.

@MrChange oh you lost me lmao

@LadyAlyxandrea sorry. Bad sense of humor. Lol

@MrChange lol its just that I dislike A1

@LadyAlyxandrea oh. Understood. Well, back in the day there was a commercial where the guy put a1 steak sauce on a boot. He elagantly ate it. It was a message that anything can be eaten with a1. My bad. It was a bad joke.


One word...............................bacon.

Three words : bacon wrapped steak


I'm so glad they are straightening this up for you.


Your going to have to break out that lady's 9mm Smith and Wesson and go out to the woods and get your self some.

i do one better. i go to the grocery store and whip out my mastercard lol

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