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Not sure if I'm looking for any advice, or just needing to talk.
I've been a single father for roughly 14 years now. I've raised my daughter, and a special needs son (who is an eternal child). Now, my daughter is off in Scotland visiting through the end of August, and my boy started his senior year at his special school yesterday morning.

Now, I know all is well. I know that I will pick up Pickle after school, get him home/fed/cleaned/off to bed just as always. I know that my daughter will return at the end of the month, and I will help her find what she wants to do with her time.

But, I've honestly felt really emotional the past couple of days, and I'm not sure exactly why. I'm OK - and everything is ok... I guess I'm just feeling the motion of the pages turning.

Anyone else experience this?

DerekD 7 Aug 7

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I am a special education director. Not sure if this helps any, but it is very common to feel this way. Things are changing and perhaps you are just only now seeing the big differences between your daughter and son. Your daughter is taking off and that is always hard. And she has been your right hand girls for so long! You are a loving father. Now you can find a little time to focus on yourself. I hope your sons school is a good one and that there is a chance for you to have some.more me time. Think about the things you use to like to do before kids, or the things you may want to try out. But most of all allow yourself to feel your feelings! And work through them at a pace that feels right to you.


I would make a guess that you are lonely and need some personal time with a friend or even better a companion. It appears you have given so much of yourself to your children that you are a little run down and need some relief. thank you for doing so much for your children.You have been a great father.

I think you have the right idea.


Of course this is all perfectly natural. You seem to be doing a wonderful job raising your children on your own. When your daughter comes home you will settle back into a routine again. We all feel a little unsettled when our children grow up and become independent as you daughter has now become. You must also sometimes wonder what your son may have achieved if things had been different, but the eternal child as you put it will always need you, so in that respect you will never have a completely empty nest. I guess that must feel bittersweet, especially seeing your daughter transition from child to adult. By the way, I hope she is having a wonderful time in Scotland, it is the country of my birth although I have lived here in Northern Ireland now for over forty years.


Having raised a daughter with CP and special needs you belong to a special club. Hope you get respite when you need it and have a Parent to Parent Group to socialize with.


sounds about right things are changing your noticing it maybe not liking it but acknowledging it is your daughter in edinburgh for the festival or just touring

My daughter has been a pure joy to care for. She is kind and caring, and has always helped me with her little brother. She's never talked back or fought me - we've worked together on life. So this trip is not only for her to scope out a few universities, but to get a chance to see how other people live, and do things she's always wanted to. I truly believe she's earned it.

@DerekD cool well if she is into the arts ild recommend a stop off in edinburgh can scope out edin uni and see the town truly buzzing with people from all over out to enjoy themselves


I believe you are sharing with us the fact you are lonely.
Great job as a father....!!!


Yes I think it's natural. It's what makes life interesting. Sounds like you've experienced and are dealing with some challenges in life. The benefit is that you don't know what's around the corner. When you're at the top you have a long way to fall. When you're dealing with problems they may just get better. I sincerely hope things turn for the better for you, you sound like a real stand up guy. Be well.


I'm not able to give any advice. I just wanted to say well done for all the work you've put in as a father.

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