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Iraq is a bad place ..

Haso0on 1 Jan 14

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A bad place as in government?

clea Level 4 Jan 14, 2018

Been there did that. Desert Storm vet. I can tell you we were able to walk around and socialize with the people back then never once did we hear we did not belong there more often was a thank you our lives are better because the U.S. was there. O bomb pulled out troops reprision went back as if king cesspool had returned.

He kept the agreement Bush signed. The Iraqi government wanted us out. Then the Iraqi government started treating their people worse than Saddam did by creating sectarian divisions within the government after we pulled out. I'm by no means a Obama supporter either. There's an article that came out about a X CIA officer that spend time interrogating Saddam who spelled out exactly what would happen when we went in to Iraq. Lets put the blame where it rightfully belongs. Going into Iraq on lies in the first place. Obama was just another puppet working towards a larger picture for the benefit of those behind the curtain.

@William_Mary Do not think I read that anywhere. Did see and here the O bomb say we we're pulling out the next big thing we're terriost spring up.

@azzow2 Which issue is it you haven't any knowledge of? The fact that these 2 issues have been well covered for years and you haven't read about them while commenting on them speaks quite loudly. I did the work for you though. I hope you take the time to now start forming and developing an educated opinion. Feel free to analyze and compare to where ever you do get your sources from.

Note: Bush signed the agreement in 2008. A deadline for Dec 31 2011. A time after his presidency. Also note during the Obama presidency: With the collapse of discussions about extending the stay of U.S. troops,[34][35] President Obama announced the full withdrawal of troops from Iraq, as previously scheduled, on 21 October 2011. In other words. The Iraqi government wanted us out.


An interview with Amy Goodman. A simple web search will bring up a number of hits for this book and a number of news sources that covered this story. You can most likely find a number of right wing sites that find a way to spin it to their train of thoughts also.


@William_Mary Do you not remember how the O bomb refused to listen to the advisors this was a predominant topic. The guy could have prevented what went on after all is said and done regardless what the Bush administration did. The major fact is O bomb did what he wanted refused to heed the advisors advice.


My question is it a better place since the 17 year US occupation? It apparently won't end this year. (link)

I know life was brutal under a dictator but, after 9/11/01, OOPS, we attacked the wrong country and never found a single WMD.

I speak for many Americans who are proud to have toppled the regime but are deeply troubled by all that's transpired there since.



I've never been there.



Marz Level 7 Jan 14, 2018
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