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Why does the left constantly use identity politics and politically correct terms to all their ideas????

Dan1947 6 Aug 8

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So much for respectful debate.


Because they want as much as possible to work for as many people as possible. That means trying to keep as many people as possible together. It's not just about white, middle aged males. And there's nothing wrong with being polite and considerate. Only those who aren't, find objection to being so.


Why are right-wingers indistinguishable from trolls?


At sticks-love your remark about Dan1947 and Brentan should get a room. Both have no credibility, but boy, do they think so.

So Dan was it OK for the US to be OK with Jorge Vidella and Pinochet throwing people out of helicopters and planes who were the inconvenient left? And overthrowing Iran in 1953 because they had the audacity to say the oil in their country belonged to them. Imagine that?

There is much more, but you need to catch up a bit. No racism in the US?/ Really dudes???


Why is grandpa off his meds?


Ohferpetessake....not only are you totally predictable and full of meaningless cliches, but BORING......

I like you.

@Mokvon talking to your mirror again, Are ya?

@Dan1947 not angry...if I was ANGRY you would know it! Mildly amused, at best, sorry.


Is everything you post going to be about American Politics? I would just like to remind you that this site is not exclusively used by US citizens, and although most of us take an interest in current affairs from all corners of the world including the USA, it becomes a bit boring to have such posts which are clearly being used as bait to start a bit of infighting amongst your compatriots. You are a one trick pony as far as I can see, and from now on I will not be responding to your posts. I like a healthy debate with anyone, but you are not here to consider anyone’s viewpoint but your own so it would be a pointless exercise!

@Dan1947 I see some of Dan1947 posts have been removed....Vote "Yes", here, if you wish to to see him GONE!
Plus, good voting practice for when we "drain the swamp " (to coin a phrase) for real quite soon!


Why does the right always use ignorance and hate to express their ideas?


Liberal progressives play identity politics because they have no true identity of their own, so they have to compensate somewhere...

Nailed it - their whole message is "Trump bad"


Some would say they will stop using Identity politics when bigotry and racism stop affecting their lives negatively. Until then, they will identify themselves as part of the group they feel is being mistreated and campaign for change. Why is it so hard for the right to admit that racism and bigotry are still problems in America, and understand why those affected might be sensative?

@Renickulous. Wow. What planet did you just get deported from?

@Renickulous oh, "just" affirmative action laws, how bout Title X, hate-crime laws, and the like, for starters. None so blind as those who listen to Fox, sweetie......

@Renickulous The ban on travel for people from muslim countries is a bigoted law. The Patriot act is racist and bigoted. I never argued about racist laws anyway so nice try at deflecting. The problem is racist people in positions of power and influence, since this countries founding the constitution said all men were created equal but we still counted slaves as only 1/5th of a man. The laws are not the problem. the racist and bigoted people are the problem and they need to be pressured politically until there is change, and we will continue to do so.

@Renickulous I'm sure we have all heard this before but I have to repeat it, you can have your own opinion but not your own facts bud. The travel ban was implemented by executive order from Donald Trump.

Executive Order 13769 (January 27, 2017) – The original travel ban.
Executive Order 13780 (March 6, 2017) – The second and revised travel ban superseding the original travel ban

For the record, I like Trumps economic policies and I support his tarrifs and the trade war. His foreign policy is kind of a joke and comes off as racist, the angst against Americans is building throughout the rest of the world and it's starting to be a serious problem. Seriously a wall?
Backing out of the deal with Iran means countries have no reason to negotiate with the US in the future because our word means nothing. We are not at war with Muslim countries at present no matter how bad you want to be. Your ignorance is showing there at the end an I now see what type of person I am dealing with. You couldn't be more of a stereotype if you tried. Chistians openly killed gays and had honor killings for over a thousand years...Muslims are just stuck in the past because they believe any change is blasphemy. I'm just gonna end this conversation by suggesting you learn a bit about what you are talking about before you run around engaging people with your extreme right wing racist/bigoted ideals... and yes, that's what you are there is no denying it even if you are probably just a product of your environment.


Obvious bait is obvious. ?

@Dan1947 you should know, you project like a fucking IMAX.


Its white guilt syndrome - some people are so afraid of being considered racist that they go too far to try and prove that they arent.

gater Level 7 Aug 8, 2018

Extremes both sides are rabid.


Why do you use so many question marks when only one is needed?

He loves the word discourse. He doesn't practice it, but he loves to say it.

@Dan1947 You are not looking for conversation, or true debate. You are creating a platform wherein you will be able to air your views, insult your "opponents," and agree with like minded people. And as outlandish as it might seem, the use of question marks indicates this from the get-go; they indicate your total "puzzlement" over the question posed when, in reality, you have no puzzlement, know your answer to the question (aka a "rhetorical" question), and will shoot down any explanation that do not agree with yours. That is not discourse; that is trying to inflate your ego. As I tell my first year college comp students: use only ONE question mark because that is all that is needed. They learn the first time.


Identity politics has the wonderful combination of victimhood and lack of responsibility. Now white people can enjoy the childish attitude that black people have enjoyed for so long, avoiding responsibility and blaming the white man.

You are as ignorant as Dan. You guys need to get a room.


Probably for the exact same reason that the right uses their own type of identity politics and anti-political correct terminology. Both sides do our society a great disservice by employing such tactics. It stifles debate, grid-locks our government, and prevent's actual solutions to very complex and nuance problems.


Why is the right full of racist idiots? Amazing what happens when you throw stereotypes in.

@Dan1947 and if they disagree with you they are considered unpatriotic.

@Dan1947 that was my point. Your original statement is begging the question, so if you want to start with a logical fallicy then expect that your "question" shouldn't be taken seriously. All the left is not politically correct, just like not all on the right are racist.

@Dan1947 it's as pointless as your statement.

@Dan1947 your question/statement is a logical fallacy. It is not an accusation, you have made a blanket statement without evidence or proof. Truth stays the same, there's no alternative truth.

After reading through this I think you may actually be interested in the actual question or your using it to get points. Identity politics allows for a stronger voice. When you have groups that band together then they can effect change by lobbying and since the groups on the left are the ones that politically correct terms are for, they tend to use that. Groups like LBGT and feminist would most likely have no voice in politics without identity politics just like the NRA on the right.

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