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This is important.

Here in the US, it's obvious that a resurgent religious right is causing problems. It's even worse now that we have in incompetent buffoon in the White House who panders shamelessly to it as it's a large part of his base. Take note of Jeff Sessions and his Religious Freedom Task Force, which is really a Christian Privilege task force.

This November people of logic, reason, and critical thinking MUST VOTE EN MASSE. Otherwise, we'll find ourselves in a soft theocracy at the very least.

TommyNIK 6 Aug 9

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we must not vote third party, either. we do not have a parliamentary system; there are no coalitions. there are winners and losers, and a vote for a third party is a vote for the current administration. if you are not sure about this, think: why is the republican party paying to have green party candidates' names put on local ballots?



The scary thing is in close contests enough leftists will want to stay "pure" by voting 3rd party to cost us valuable seats. I say this as someone who voted Nader in 2000, but that was in a deep red state. And I'm ashamed of that vote now.

Yep. I voted John Anderson in 1980. Still wish I could take that one back.

If you don't your simply rubber stamping the worst of the democraP Party. How to vote for Hillary while disapproving of the way they railroaded Sanders? Seriously.

And the truth is, they still haven't acknowledged their misbehavin', at least to my knowledge. SAD. Many elections (like 2016!) are HANDED to them on a silver platter. They slap the gumbo right onto the floor.
The Dems have serious problems to fix, or they can continue to be RepublicanT Lite. I'm not ready to waste my vote and be their Gimp. Obama cost me $1000's ( more than a "few" !) ..... I've contributed to their idiocy. Mightily.
1000's of Americans lost their, whose side do you think the Dems are on anyway?????
No hope and just a little $change$ in my pocket.

SO yes I voted 3rd Party again ( Wacko #3) in 2016. NO Guilt here whatsoever.


Yes TommyNIK
The R's of Washington. republican, red state,religious, rabble-rousers, like Sessions, are trying to keep our eye off the ball and stir the hate pot. Religion is only one of many TRIX up their sleeves. Like; Lying Blatenty, Education deprivation, Economy (only good for the 1%), are just for starters.
Yes keep an eye on his and all the R's evil impish ways. America is more science than religious today and would Not put up with that. IF WE VOTE EN MASSE For The Common Good, less R's.

Speaking of VOTING EN MASSE, Oregon has the most convenient voting system in the country. Since adopting vote-by-mail, Oregon consistently ranks as a national leader in voter turnout. Registered voters receive a ballot two to three weeks before an election, giving time to research issues or candidate. UP 23% instantly and consistently due to all drivers licenses getting ballots. Adopt it Federally...R's would Flip. Our Post Office could virtually do that overnite.

Do all Drivers License adresses Get Ballots like OR?


Does religious freedom not also include freedom to NOT be religious?

Yes. But most evangelicals would not agree.

@TommyNIK I would call that hypocrisy then.


This country has completely lost its way.


But only Christianity. They'll figure out a way to exclude most other religions, but give some concessions to Judaism.


It just gets worse. Sessions has announced a group aimed at looking into prejudice against the religious or ie the christians.

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