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The Baptists have lost their minds: Elevation Church Debuts Water Slide Baptismal. I love it, in the article they interview a guy who was asked "Would you return to Elevation church?" and his answer is no.

AwarenessNow 7 Aug 9

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Because religion is so boring they have to turn it into entertainment complexes just to get people to show up. All these mega churches have better sound and video systems than most concert venues! At least they know the money they donate is going to something useful like a waterslide and not some food program for the poor or medical supplies for third world countries!


It's a hallmark of modern life that satire is indistinguishable from reality.


When did the Baptists have minds?


Hmm,a little Silicone spray
in the right places,and you can target the front row seats..........


The Babylon Bee is a parody web site.

Ugh...thanks for the reality check. It's so hard to distinguish what's a parody and what's the reality out there. There's almost no difference.

@AwarenessNow Don't feel bad about it. It's just Poe's Law in action.


, maybe I would go just to go down the slide and when I was asked if I received the Holy Spirit I would say, "Fuck no, but let me go down the slide again, maybe if I do it again I might!" LOL


Although as a kid I went to a Methodist church, with my siblings and no parents. And by school was a full agnostic, yet interested in Eastern philosophy, I had seen up close the Baptist, as my brother married one. As a teen I even went to a tent revival - just like the movies only Hoyer and more miserable. Anyway, back to Babtists: I asked my mother in adulthood why she hadn't taken us to the Southern Baptist as she had been raised. Her answer, " I didn't want to inflict that upon you." Inflict is the perfect word for so many churches and religions.


That's pathetic. I think if I was the guy squirted with a squirt gun I would have punched the guy who did it. I would also sue the pastor for bricking his phone.


Let's make religious rites FUN!!!!


I wouldn't want to be in the front row??? 😕 Or maybe they could put some people in the front row and do a 6 for1 baptism?


That’s hilarious!

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