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People who live out west will get this. A federal government agency was trying to condemn my and others water rights on our irrigation ditch to use them for their project.The value of my water rights exceed the value of my land.
I met with those lawyers today and explained my position. 20 minutes. 3 minutes for them to huddle and come back an say they dropped their case against me at least.
I had to explain to these guys how to read their own aerial photos

btroje 9 Aug 9

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LOL! If you don't laugh you'll cry. Crying usually gives me a headache.


I glad that it worked out for you.

With the militarization of the EPA and other federal agencies, their strongarming is only going to get worse.


I don't live out West, but used to. I expect that in time to come, fighting over water is going to be more of a thing than it already is.


We’re fighting with Nestle over water in Michigan. The state has allowed permits to draw 400 gallons a minute from Michigan’s water resources, for something like $200/year. So basically they are getting for FREE something that they will turn around and sell at a huge cost to consumers.

@A2Jennifer nestle has been robbing people for decades now. One of the worst companies in the world for human rights.

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