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What kind of humour do you like ??

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By Fibonacci16187
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You didn't include dark, or dry humor, which are my favorites. Also love satire

PolyComrade Level 5 Aug 10, 2018

I think that's what I meant by Negative Sarcasm. But yes, I know that's a popular option. Thanks for sharing.

I don't think dark humor is necessarily sarcastic, and when I hear negative sarcasm I think more of people putting you down sarcasticly. I guess you meant more cynicism?

An example of what I think of as dark humor is that dark humor is like kids with brain cancer, it never gets old

another good example would be the stand up comedian John Steinberg. Check him out on YouTube if you like dark humor

@PolyComrade lol gotcha


Negative sarcasm is the closest descriptor in our choices, though I consider Carlin more "brutally honest."

Absolutely love him!

I was lucky enough to see him perform live shortly before his passing.


I have to say I like all kinds of humour except for Adam Sandler kind of stuff. I guess one'd call it 'stupid humour?'. It just never struck me as funny and was, therefore, pretty boring to me. Also, I find 'battle of the sexes' humour pretty yawn-inducing, these days.

Agreed. Juvenile humor is an offence to the intelligence.


That's a tough question..really it's a mix or blend of the above..but also the zany and surreal.. like Monty python etc

Hitchens Level 8 Aug 10, 2018

I like the Good Humor Man.
But seriously - if it's well written and well presented, it matters not which type. All have their place in the performing and written arts.
That said, I almost never appreciate crude, racist, or humor hurtful to a group of people. Whether it's Polish jokes or fart jokes, I'm not so likely to laugh.

MrLizard Level 8 Aug 10, 2018

Depends on my mood. Most days I love puns or dark humor.

kiramea Level 7 Aug 10, 2018

No choice for all comedy. I like all comedy. Even the perverted, dark stuff.

jorj Level 8 Aug 10, 2018

Ditto, usually things I think but would never say out loud, to a room full of "friend"/associates. Real friends know just how bad I really am


Dark humour is like food...

... not everybody gets it.


Louis CK, Dave Chappelle and George Carlin are some of my favorites.

Tejas Level 5 Aug 11, 2018

Some of the greats, for sure!


I think I should have been aloud mor ethan just one choice, as i liek more than one kind of humor.

snytiger6 Level 8 Aug 10, 2018

Dude you're aloud whatever you want. State your preferences like everyone else


Double entendres and logical paths that fail to go where they should

chalupacabre Level 8 Aug 10, 2018

It depends on my mood. The only one I rarely like is slapstick.

Jess2zz Level 5 Aug 10, 2018

Self deprecating.

Anonbene Level 8 Aug 10, 2018

When I just, it's usually self deprecated. I don't like speaking negatively of others. But truthfully, I'll laugh if someone else does and it's witty, not harsh


I wish their was a option of all of the above.

freedom41 Level 7 Aug 10, 2018

I wanted to get a feel for the spectrum of comedy. There's a few I omitted purposely.


i like humor that is more or less insane.


genessa Level 8 Sep 16, 2018

Can you give an example?

@Fibonacci1618 the writings of doug adams. the standup of robin williams. for two of many.

the writings of s j perelman and h h munro (saki) for two more. the marx brothers, for three or four more.



@genessa alright, I see you now. Do you like Greg Geraldo?

@Fibonacci1618 i don't know who he is.



Dark humor with a mix of witty and playful sarcasm is the best

sarahchan Level 3 Aug 15, 2018

Sounds pretty particular. Is there a particular comic or writer, or program you favor?

@Fibonacci1618 Well I follow certain people who are like so, like Candice Pool or some others. I really find this particular sense of humor with certain characters in movies one example is Blue Valentine. It's hard to find this mix. But I'll think about more and I'll hit you up with more. I have whole list in my mind I just need to remember the names and titles. Lolita, as contriversal at it is, she was very witty and sarcastic.

@sarahchan cool, lmk


The less swearing the better.

RedBaron Level 3 Aug 11, 2018

I do think most swearing takes away from the wit of the joke but I do like a good, placed swear word to exemplify the issue or point. Mostly in satirical comedy.



maturin1919 Level 8 Aug 10, 2018

When I feel pretty and bright

escapetypist Level 8 Aug 10, 2018

Which are Mr. Bean & AbFab?

Carin Level 8 Aug 10, 2018

I think that lands under slapstick

@Fibonacci1618 Noooo......

@Fibonacci1618 Monty Python too?

@Carin I think Monty Python is more Satirical. It's mocking both contemporary society and the freaks. I of course my be wrong.


We all want to be witty of course! We probably are sarcastic but who wants to admit that?

Carin Level 8 Aug 10, 2018

I enjoy sarcasm myself in moderation because I can certainly dish it out. I do also enjoy whitty but if you have a sense of humor thats s plus!!

Rose2U Level 7 Sep 16, 2018

What kind of humor is Doug Stanhope - witty evil?

HonkyBMcfunky Level 6 Aug 23, 2018

I don't know Doug Stanhope. But I will shortly and get back to you.

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